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What size pool pillow should I use?

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Asked by: Adam Sampson

Inflating Your Air Pillow

Pool Size Suggested Air Pillow Size Maximum Air Pillow Size
24′ Round 4′ X 8′ 4’X15′ or (2) 4’X8′
27′ Round 4′ X 15′ (2) 4′ X 15′
30′ Round 4′ X 15′ (2) 4′ X 15′
33′ Round 4′ X 15′ (2) 4′ X 15′

How big should a pool pillow be?

4′ x 8′ is the most common pool pillow size. This size is large enough for pools up to 12′ x 18′.

What size pillow do I need for a 27 foot pool?

We suggest using the 4 x 4 Air Pillow on pools up to 24′ round. Use the 4 x 8 Air Pillow on pools 28′ round and up and on small oval pools. Use the 4 x 15 Air Pillow on Large (15 x 30 and larger) Oval aboveground pools.

Should I use a pillow under my pool cover?

Its way to the edge. So it's easier to clean and that's actually not true at all what is true is that it's a nice compensator. So when the water freezes. It.

How many pillows should I put in my pool?

Air pillows are most effective when they remain in the center of the pool.

How Many Air Pillows Do I Need?

Pool Size Suggested Air Pillow Size Max Air Pillow Size
18′ Round 4′ x 8′ (2) 4′ x 5′
21′ Round 24′ Round 4′ x 8′ 4′ x 15′ or (2) 4′ x 8′
27′ Round 30′ Round 33′ Round 4′ x 15′ (2) 4′ X 15′

What can I use instead of a pool pillow?

You may have heard pool owners recommend alternatives to pool air pillows, such as tire tubes, yoga balls, or regular innertubes.

How do I keep my pillow in the middle of my pool?

Tie strong string or thin rope to both ends of the pillow; it should have grommets on the edges for this purpose. Place the pillow in the center of the pool. Secure the other ends of the strings to the edge of the pool to keep the pillow in place.

How do I keep my above ground pool from sagging?

If you have a leaf pool cover, there are some tools like pool pillows and DIY solutions like floating plastic rain barrels you can place underneath the cover that can help, but the best practice for pool safety covers to avoid sagging is to use an automatic or mesh cover.

Why does my pool pillow keep deflating?

When rain, snow and ice accumulate, they will put pressure on the cover and cause the ice to push inwards towards the pillow. In many cases this can cause the pillow to deflate or pop which means it is doing its job.