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What shoe size does Steph Curry wear?

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Asked by: Abby Brown

What size shoe do Steph Curry wear?

Avg Friend Score

Player Name Shoe size % Correct
Stephen Curry 13 60.6%
Tacko Fall 22 60.4%
Kevin Durant 17 60.2%
Kyrie Irving 12 59.8%

How long is a size 22 shoe?

Inch to Size Chart

Heel to toe Length (in inches) Size (USA) Medium Width (D)
14 size 20 5 1/4
14 5/16 size 21 5 3/8
14 11/16 size 22 5 1/2
15 size 23 5 5/8

What’s the largest shoe size?

U.S. size 26

His Foot Measurements
Hernández’ feet measure in at 40.55 cm (1.33 ft) and 40.47 cm (1.32 ft), which puts him at a whopping U.S. size 26.

What is the average shoe size for a 5 10 man?

There’s no official data on the average shoe size for men in the United States, but anecdotal evidence indicates it’s around size 10.5 with a medium width.
Average shoe size by height.

Height Shoe size
5’6″ to 5’9″ 9.5 to 10.5
5’10” to 6’2″ 11 to 12.5
6’3″ and taller 13 to 20+

How big is Shaquille O Neal’s foot?

His size 22 shoe. However, during an FN interview last month, Shaq admitted that he is actually a size 20. “My shoe size is 20 but I like to wear a 22 because when I was young we couldn’t afford proper shoes so I had to wear my shoes tight,” he said. “[Now] I always get my shoes too big to make sure I have room.”

Who has the biggest shoe size in the NBA?

Tacko Fall– size 22
27. Fall, who comes in at 7 ft 6, has the biggest feet in the NBA, with a shoe size of 22, matching the only other player with that shoe size, retired Shaquille O’Neal.

What size shoe does LeBron wear?

Yao Ming and Kevin Durant both wear a size 18, while LeBron James wears a size 15. Ojo’s feet are just a tad bigger than the active NBA leaders in shoe size, the Lopez twins, who wear size 20.

What size shoe does Zion Williamson wear?


New Orleans Pelicans | Forward. Shoe Size: 15
Zion Williamson, the 1st overall pick in the 2019 NBA draft, is built like a linebacker but dunks with the finesse of Dominique Wilkins.

What size shoe does tacko wear?

Boston Celtics player Tacko Fall is one of the tallest players in the NBA right now. Listed at 7 feet 6 inches and 289 pounds, the 23-year-old Senegalese player wears a size 22 shoe.

What size shoe does Kyrie Irving wear?

What Shoe Size Does Kyrie Irving Wear? Kyrie Irving wears a size 12.

Who wears a size 22 shoe?

Tacko Fall has big shoes to fill–literally. Fall wears size 22 shoes and is set to become only the fifth NBA player to ever sport such large sneakers, per the Action Network’s Darren Rovell. He will join Shaq, Will Perdue, Bob Lanier and Dikembe Mutombo as the latest addition to the rare NBA group.