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What move is named after Simone Biles?

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Asked by: Kimberley Oeun

The moves—in vault, balance beam, and floor exercise—are named after Biles according to the gymnastics tradition of naming a move after the first gymnast to successfully perform it in competition. In the vault competition, the Biles is what is known as a Yurchenko half on with two twists.

How many gymnastic moves are named after Simone Biles?

With four skills named after her—on floor, beam and vault—her name will already live on in the sport’s history. The International Gymnastics Federation only names skills after gymnasts if they perform them at a major international competition, including the Olympics.

What move is Simone Biles known for?

the Yurchenko double pike

Simone Biles landed on the bright-blue mat, becoming the first woman to complete a wild move called the Yurchenko double pike in competition. The 24-year-old decorated gymnast nailed the historic vault in May, at the U.S. Classic competition in Indianapolis.

What are the three moves named after Simone Biles?

She’s proven her unmatched skills time and time again by nailing challenging moves never done before. Biles had four signature moves named after her in three different events: on the floor, on vault, and on the balance beam.

What are the four gymnastics moves named after Simone Biles?

There are currently four elements in the Women’s Artistic Gymnastics Code of Points named after American gymnast Simone Biles: two on vault, one on balance beam, and one on floor exercise.

Who is Wolf turn named after?

She actually completed a triple turn once she stood up from the wolf turn, which is named after gymnastics great, Betty Okino.

What is the hardest gymnastics move?

Biles said that the triple double, which is made up of a double back flip with three twists, is “the hardest move in the world,” and according to the New York Times, “The triple double is a skill that, until this point, had been done only on the men’s side, where it is still rare.

How do you get a gymnastics move named after you?

In order to get a gymnastics move named after you, you have to submit the skill for consideration and then successfully land it in a major competition. As of 2016, there were 11 female gymnasts with moves named after them. Simone Biles was one of them. Now, she’s heading into “living legend” territory.

What is Simone Biles best skill?

Simone Biles’s Triple Backflip
On National Gymnastics Day, Biles debuted something downright spectacular: a triple backflip (or a triple pike, to be specific). The skill does not currently exist in the Code of Points for women’s gymnastics and is only done by a handful of men on the elite level.