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What method or algorithm is used for computing power curve on Strava?

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Asked by: Matt Sanchez

How does Strava calculate power curve?

To view your Power Curve, hover over the Training tab at the top of any Strava page, then select Power Curve from the drop-down menu – or visit From this page, you can view and interact with your Power Curve.

How is power curve calculated?

The power curve seems to be approximately of the form P=cv2, where P is the power, v is the speed and c is a constant that we need to find.

How accurate is Strava power calculation?

from my experience, Strava’s estimated power is within 5-10% of what my power meter reports. so i’d say it’s “accurate enough”. If you’re riding on your own with very little wind.

What is Strava weighted average power?

Weighted Average Power smooths out the variations in the power of your ride to provide a better indicator of your overall effort when you spent a lot of time going hard and then going easy. Examples include criterium races, mountain biking or hilly rides.

Does Strava calculate FTP?

The calculation of the FTP based on the activity power and time is using well known formulas. The final estimation of your FTP is quite conservative, as it gives more weight to your current FTP set on Strava.

How is cycling watts calculated?

The cycling power is measured in watts. One watt corresponds to one joule of energy produced every second. cycling”. It assumes that the power you produce is equal to the sum of resistances you need to overcome, multiplied by your speed.

How does strava measure power?

Strava looks at your Weighted Average Power for the ride and compares it to your FTP. For example, if your Weighted Average Power is 225W and your FTP is 300W, then your Intensity would be at 75%. Power Curve shows your best average power for time periods of one second up to the length of your ride.

How do you calculate the power curve of a wind turbine?

The formula is capacity factor = actual output/maximum possible output. For a wind turbine, the maximum possible output would be the capacity x 8760 hr (there are 8760 hrs in a year). So for the Northwind 100C, the maximum output is: 95 kW x 8760 hr/yr = 832,200 kWh/yr (or 832.2 MWh).

How do you calculate effect size for power analysis?

Generally, effect size is calculated by taking the difference between the two groups (e.g., the mean of treatment group minus the mean of the control group) and dividing it by the standard deviation of one of the groups.

How do I run a power on Strava?

After you upload a new activity containing running power, you can select that activity and you will be able to view the average power in the activity summary view and tap on ‘View Analysis’ to view additional information in your power graph.

How do I fix power on Strava?

fit file in question from your computer or open the option to select it. In Step 2, select either power or heart rate. Enter the number you wish to remove any data above. For example, if your power data shows a spike of 1200 watts, enter 1000 to remove any data above 1000 watts.

Why is my average power lower on Strava?

Strava appears to average the total power over the total elapsed time, including stopped time so it will produce a lower average.

How does Strava estimate FTP without power meter?

Quote from video: You will need an account and you will need to pay for Strava summit which is 18 pound 99 a year and then from upload in your eyes to Strava it can give you an estimate of your power FTP.

Can Wahoo estimate FTP?

You can find an excellent article on FTP testing HERE. Once you’ve calculated your FTP, input it into the Wahoo App’s Profile page and select your desired number of zones (6 to 8). You can then customize zones, or use the AUTO CALCULATE button to automatically generate recommended values.

Is Strava weighted average power the same as normalized power?

The only difference between the calculations is the way that smoothing accounts for the body’s physiological delay in reacting to rapid changes in pedalling power. Normalized Power uses a 30 second moving average, whereas xPower uses a “25 second exponential average”.

What is a good power curve?

Quote from video: More the best thing about a power curve is that it consists of all your best power values over a set period of time so you don't necessarily need to go out and do any specific tests.

Why is my average power lower on Strava?

Strava appears to average the total power over the total elapsed time, including stopped time so it will produce a lower average.

Can Strava calculate VO2 max?

The device also easily pairs with the Strava app for providing VO2 Max data for all your trail excursions. It substitutes VO2 max information for the heart rate sensor data in both of these popular exercise programs.

What is a good form score on Strava?

A score less than 50 per cent would be an easy day. 50-65 per cent would be an endurance ride. 65-80 per cent would be a good tempo ride. 80-95 per cent would be a where you want to aim for in a long event or sportive.

How is Strava training impulse calculated?

Training Load is calculated using power data and Relative Effort is calculated using either heart rate data or Perceived Exertion input. For Strava subscribers with no power data available, we generate the chart using only Relative Effort.

How is Strava fitness calculated?

Fitness is calculated using your Relative Effort (based on either heart rate data or Perceived Exertion input) and/or power meter data. This way you can identify patterns in your training and see the big picture of how all your workouts are adding up over time. Your score is entirely relative to you.