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What kind of shoes does Klay Thompson wear?

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Asked by: Amos Yim

The sneaker that Klay Thompson wore after 941-days on the injury list was his signature ANTA KT 7. Due to his extended absence, Klay’s last sneaker worn on-court was the KT 4. Klay’s 7th signature shoe boasts ANTA’s new Nitrospeed technology, a foam that took 3 years to develop.

What is Klay Thompson shoe brand?


Klay Thompson made his triumphant return to the court on Jan. 9. His shoe company, Anta, didn’t have much planned for the big day.

Does Klay Thompson have a signature shoe?

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Klay Thompson has a 10-year deal with Chinese brand Anta, reportedly worth $8 million per year, which gives Thompson one of the richest sneaker deals in the NBA. He originally signed with Anta after popular American brands offered him a fraction of the money.

What shoes did Klay wear before Anta?

Klay Thompson’s shoes were Nike before transitioning to become the face of a Chinese brand, Anta.

How much is Klay Thompson shoes?

Klay Thompson basketball shoes cost between $70 to $120 per pair. For brands like Jordan and Adidas, this price range is already for budget models that either have less technologies or use ordinary materials.

Is Anta a good brand?

For players who have not yet tried to play in other basketball shoes besides those from big brands such as Adidas and Nike, the Anta KT3 is a good place to start as the shoe provides great traction, no-nonsense fit, an effective cushioning set-up, and a premium upper that is worth the shoe’s $120 price point.

What shoes does Melo ball wear?

LaMelo Ball just used his appearance at the 2021 NBA Summer League to debut his first signature shoe with Puma. Ball was spotted wearing the Puma MB1 for the first time yesterday while sitting courtside to watch his Charlotte Hornets squad take on the Portland Trailblazers.

What shoes does Damian Lillard wear?

Damian Lillard is now on the eighth generation of his signature shoe, the Adidas Dame 8, after signing a $100 million deal with the Three Stripes in 2014.

What size shoe does JA Morant wear?

What shoe size does Ja Morant wear? Ja Morant is a size 15 shoe.

What shoes did Bruce Lee wear in Game of Death?

Towards the end of the film, Billy wears a pair of yellow Moonstar Jaguar shoes, with black stripes. This is because the real Bruce Lee wore the latter when he was filming, and the double wore the former in the 1978 version to resemble his shoes.

What brand is Anta?

Anta Sports Products Limited is a Chinese sports equipment multinational corporation headquartered in Jinjiang. It is the world’s largest purely sports equipment company by revenue as of 2019 and third-largest manufacturer of sporting goods overall (only behind sportswear companies Nike and Adidas).

Who wears Anta shoes in the NBA?

Which NBA players have signature shoes with Anta? Klay Thompson, Gordon Hayward and Rajon Rondo went overseas to get their signature shoe lines. The two players have deals with Anta, a Chinese sports equipment company. Thompson signed with the company in 2014, while Hayward joined in 2018.

What size shoe is Giannis?

NBA Players’ Shoe Sizes Quiz Stats

Player Name Shoe size % Correct
Giannis Antetokounmpo 16 50.5%
Manute Bol 16 48.7%
Kemba Walker 11.5 42.4%
Nate Robinson 10.5 40.4%

What shoe does Kevin Durant wear?

After sweeping the Blazers and Jazz in back-to-back playoff series, KD stepped onto the 2017 Western Conference Finals stage in the Nike KD 10. The latest Durant signature carried over the articulated, full-length Zoom Air unit from the KD 9.