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What is there to do in Monarch Colorado?

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What can you do at Monarch?

Other top activities along Monarch Pass include horseback riding, snowmobiling and riding the Monarch Crest Scenic Tramway to over 12,000 feet for unmatched panoramic views (summer only).

Is Monarch Mountain expensive?

Monarch is a friendly and “affordable” alternative to the Mega Resort groups. Don’t miss it. While it’s small. You’d miss a lot of fun.

Is Monarch ski Resort good for beginners?

Monarch Mountain has some of the best beginner ski terrain in Colorado, if not the West, and fun terrain for skiers and riders of all ability levels.

Does Monarch Ski Area require reservations?

2021-22 Monarch Season Pass holders will have access to the lifts any day of the week all season long. No blackout dates and no reservation needed.

What state is Monarch Pass in?


Monarch Pass is one of the most breathtaking and fun to visit high elevation mountain passes in Colorado. Located approximately a 30 minute drive west from Salida, Monarch Pass sits at 11,312 along the Great Continental Divide.

How many lifts does Monarch Mountain have?

Monarch Mountain Mountain Summary:

Base: 10,790 ft
Ski area: 800 acres
Trails: 53
Lifts: 6
Quad Chairs: 1

What is cat skiing?

Cat skiing is a form of guided backcountry exploration, taking you away from the borders of controlled ski areas to ride through untouched powder. Rather than using a helicopter to access the backcountry, a snowcat acts as your lift, which makes it far cheaper than heli-skiing for an equally heroic outcome.

Is Monarch Mountain good for snowboarding?

While the desert city in itself isn’t, just two hours to the west Monarch Mountain has some of the best skiing and snowboarding in Colorado. This small Southern Colorado ski resort is a sleepy, old-school ski and snowboard area perched atop Monarch Pass.

Why is Monarch Mountain closed?

SALIDA, CO — After receiving over two feet of snow in the most recent storm cycle, Monarch Mountain has announced it is extending its ski season. Monarch’s closing day will now be Sunday April 17, 2022. β€œIt’s important to us that we give our guests as much time as we possibly can on the hill.

Is monarch part of Epic Pass?

Monarch is NOT a member of the IKON nor EPIC passes.

What time do the lifts open at Monarch Mountain?


Lifts 9:00am-4:00pm
Every Day
Lodge 7:30am-5:30pm
Every Day
Ticket Windows 8:15am-3:00pm

How much snow is at Monarch in Colorado?

The latest Monarch Ski Area snow report shown below was updated on .
Resort report:

Piste conditions: Tell us
Off Piste conditions:
Next snowfall: 1.2 in Sat 21 May (AM)
Next significant snowfall: No significant snow is forecast
Lifts open:

Does monarch have night skiing?

It has 54 trails, two terrain parks, and an extreme terrain area called Mirkwood. The Monarch Mountain Lodge is located three miles (5 km) east of the ski area in the town of Garfield, Colorado.

Monarch Ski Area
Snowfall 400 in/year (1016 cm/year)
Snowmaking no
Night skiing no
Website http://www.skimonarch.com

How big is Monarch Mountain?

800 acres

Elevation: 10,790 ft (3289 m) – 11,952 ft (3643 m) Vertical – 1,652 ft (354 m) Ski Area: 800 acres. Average Snowfall: 350 in (889 cm)

How much snow does Monarch Mountain get?

Snow History

Total Snowfall Average Base Depth
2017 – 2018 167″ 31″
2018 – 2019 252″ 44″
2019 – 2020 208″ 30″
2020 – 2021 155″ 27″

What mountain range is Monarch Mountain in?

Central Rocky Mountains

Monarch Mountain is located within the Sawatch Range, which is a subset of Colorado’s Central Rocky Mountains.

Is Monarch Pass Safe?

Is Monarch Pass dangerous? The pass is generally open year-round; however, 7% grades exist, and the area is prone to heavy winter snowfall, often resulting in temporary closures during severe winter storms. The west grade is the more dangerous because of no shoulder and fatal drop offs.

How far is monarch from Gunnison?

41 miles

How far is it from Gunnison County to Monarch Ski Area? The distance between Gunnison County and Monarch Ski Area is 41 miles.

Why is it called Monarch Pass?

Old Monarch Pass divides the watersheds of Porphyry Creek, a tributary of Tomichi Creek and the Gunnison River, to the west and the South Arkansas River to the east. The name ”Monarch” comes from nearby Monarch Ridge and the community of Monarch.

What is the grade of Monarch Pass?

Monarch Pass Westbound

Base Elevation: 8,303 ft
Posted Speed Limit: 45 mph
Steepest Reported Grade: 6% for 10 miles
Calculated Average Grade: 5.4% for 10.4 miles
Lowest Advisory Speed: 35 mph at 0.1 and 0.3 miles from summit

What’s the highest Pass in Colorado?

Mount Evans Scenic Byway – 14,130 ft (Asphalt) Clear Creek Co. The Mount Evans Scenic Byway is the highest paved road in Colorado, the United States, and the entire of North America. It stretches for 28 miles and reaches a dizzying height of 14,130 ft.

What is the steepest grade in Colorado?

Just outside of Lake City, Colorado, Slumgullion Pass is an ultra-high mountain pass with an elevation of 11,530 ft (3,514 m). With grades on the north side of the pass up to 9%, State Highway 149 is the steepest, maintained paved road in Colorado.

Is the road to Pikes Peak paved?

Is the road to Pikes Peak paved? Set high in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, the road to the summit is totally paved. It’s called Pikes Peak Highway. It’s one of the highest roads of Colorado.

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