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What is the water temperature at Moonlight Beach?

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Asked by: Rachel Hernandez

Today’s Moonlight Beach sea temperature is 67 °F.

How cold is the ocean in Encinitas?

The graph below shows the range of monthly Encinitas water temperature derived from many years of historical sea surface temperature data. The warmest water temperature is in August with an average around 67.6°F / 19.8°C. The coldest month is February with an average water temperature of 58.8°F / 14.9°C.

What’s the water temperature in Encinitas today?

63°F. Today water temperature in Encinitas is 63.3°F.

What is a comfortable water temperature to swim in the ocean?

A little cooler than your body temperature (98.6° Fahrenheit) should not be too cold so that you don’t get chilled. 70° to 78° Fahrenheit is the range where most folks feel “comfortable” swimming.

How big are the waves at Moonlight Beach?

Current Surf Report for Moonlight Current Conditions

Low 12:18AM 1.54ft
High 5:52AM 3.54ft
Low 11:45AM 0.92ft
High 6:30PM 5.12ft

What is the ocean water temperature in San Diego?

The ocean off San Diego reaches its warmest point of the year in August when the temperature averages 68 degrees Fahrenheit (20 degrees Celsius). The coolest month is February, when the sea temperature is normally at 57 °F (14 ° C).
Average Ocean Water Temperatures at San Diego.

Period °F °C
Annual Average 62 17

What is the water temperature in Delmar?

(San Diego County, USA) Today’s Del Mar Beach sea temperature is 68 °F.

What time is high tide in Encinitas?

Encinitas Tide Times, California

Mon, 6th Tue, 7th Wed, 8th
High 1:25am (1.26m) Low 9:18am (0.16m) High 4:56pm (1.12m) Low 9:46pm (0.88m) High 2:45am (1.15m) Low 10:07am (0.21m) High 5:25pm (1.23m) Low 11:13pm (0.73m) High 4:16am (1.07m) Low 10:51am (0.26m) High 5:52pm (1.37m)

Is Moonlight beach good for beginner surfers?

Moonlight, which is also known as D-Street, is the go-to place for the local school surf teams. It’s also perfect for beginners and intermediates after something chilled. Bigger days will see it too heavy to ride, so take your fun when it’s there.

What time is low tide at Moonlight beach?

Next low tide in Carlsbad is at 5:17 PM, which is in 3 hr 28 min 30 s from now.

Is Encinitas good for surfing?

Encinitas provides almost year-round surfing, and if you pick the right beach, you will have the most fantastic surf experience whenever you go. It is easy to see why the area is a significant draw to the top surfing celebrities and the movers and shakers in the surf industry.

Where can I surf in Encinitas?


  • GRANDVIEW is a true wave magnet. …
  • D STREET is a fun, punchy beach break that is best on SW/NW combo swell. …
  • SWAMI’S is the kind of place that you find yourself in a love/hate relationship with. …
  • CARDIFF REEF is the kind of place that can be fun for the whole family.

Where is Swamis surf spot?


The beach, also known as “Swami’s Reef'” and “Swamis”, is an internationally known surfing spot, a point break located in Encinitas, San Diego County, California.

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