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What is the warranty on Shimano reels?

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Asked by: Crystal Rivera

Warranty period Shimano warrants that Shimano fishing reels and rods (hereinafter: the Shimano Product) are free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal conditions and reasonable use: For two years for all reels and rods.

What reels have lifetime warranty?

Innovative Reel Technologies (IRT®) 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, & 800 series spinning reels are warranted for a period of one (1) year from the date of original retail purchase against defects in workmanship and/or materials so long as order was and is paid in full.

How do you service a Shimano reel?

Know wd-40 you know oils. Once you start putting oil lubrication on the reels what it'll actually do is it will slow up the reel. The tolerance is in the reel are so tight any kind of lubrication.

Does Shimano SLX have a warranty?


for two years for all Shimano Products excluding Dura-Ace and XTR branded products; for three years for Dura-Ace and XTR branded products only; from the date of original retail purchase.

Are Shimano fishing reels good?

Yes, Shimano is a very good fishing brand. The company makes rods, reels, and a variety of accessories. The company, which also produces high-quality bicycle equipment, is most well-known for the best Shimano reels.

How long is Shimano rod warranty?

Warranty period

Shimano warrants that Shimano fishing reels and rods (hereinafter: the Shimano Product) are free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal conditions and reasonable use: For two years for all reels and rods.

Do Daiwa reels have a lifetime warranty?

To protect against loss or damage in transit, your reel should be carefully packaged and adequately insured. Please retain all shipping receipts. Daiwa rods are covered by a 1 year, 5 year, or limited lifetime warranty accordingly depending on the model of the rod. The warranty extends only to the original owner.

What do fl mean on Shimano reels?

Shawno – FL is the model – the most recent to be exact – the last stradic I believe was the fj. The F indicates its european – the letter after that indicates which model – fa-fb-fc- etc – They do skip some letters however.

Where are Shimano reels made?

Virtually all of Shimano’s premium fishing reels, including the Aero and Stella series, as well as most of their baitrunners, are made in Japan.

What does FB mean on fishing reel?

This short blog attempts to explain what those letters and numbers mean. Shimano reels use the following format for their reels: FAMILY : MODEL : SIZE : GEAR RATIO : SPOOL DEPTH. As an example: Stradic FB 3000 XGM. Family = Stradic. Model = FB.

How do you date a Shimano reel?

Shimano use a simple 2-letter date code, printed on each component or on a sticker or label. You’ll usually find this near the component’s serial code. The first letter indicates the year, the second stands for the month.

What does Hg mean on Shimano reels?

High Gearing

These acronyms – common on many Shimano reels – represent the following: PG = Power Gearing. HG = High Gearing. XG = Extra-High Gearing.

What does SW mean on Shimano reels?

Super Shallow spool” or Super Small spool which is the smallest and lightest spool available. C. “Compact body” which means that everything except spool is one size smaller, or more compact. E.g “C3000” reel will have a “2500” body but a “3000” spool. PG (Lower Gear)

What does FB mean in Shimano reels?

Alot of Shimanos finish with FA, FB etc. The “F” stands for front drag and the letter after stands for the model of that range. If a reel has an “S” at the end (like 2500S) , it means it is a “shallow spool” model. “HG” at the end, meaning “High Gear” “PG” at the end, meaning “Power Gear”

What does FD mean on a reel?

Fixed spool reels are either front drag (often designated as FD in the reels name or code) or rear drag (RD). Whichever system the reel features its aim is the same: to allow the reel to give out line before the force of a fighting fish snaps the line.

Is a Stella worth the money?

The Shimano Stella SW is an excellent reel as you would expect for the price you pay. The latest release has several new additions when it comes to technology that such as the coil wave spring that makes dialing in the drag much more precise especially under the heavier drag settings.

What is a 1000 size reel good for?

The 1000 or 10 size reel is ideal for fishing with 2-to 4-pound test monofilament line. I pair this reel with an ultralight rod measuring either 4 1/2- to 5 1/2- feet long. This is a great combination for trout fishing and small panfish such as bluegill and yellow perch.

Is Shimano coming out with new Stella?

Shimano is introducing all-new 22 Stella Infinity Evolution spinning reels to replace the 2018 Stella model. Infinity Xross gear design offers twice the gear life. Inifnity Loop oscillation system wraps line very close by very slow oscillation, to allow lines to leave spool with the least friction at rod guides.

Is Shimano Stella sealed?

The Stella SW is not only fully sealed and waterproof, but it also has a silky smooth retrieve thanks to its 15 bearings. It has an extremely strong drag, and the larger models are designed for offshore use.

What size spinning reel is best for bass fishing?

A 1000 size reel is the smallest and most lightweight reel – and it’s the absolute minimum when it comes to fishing for bass. The benefit of using a 1000s size reel is that you can use it for smaller freshwater fish. However, it also has a smaller, narrower spool, which can pose problems when it comes to tangling.

Can you use Shimano Vanford in saltwater?

In the 3000 Vanford Model and up, a cross carbon drag is utilized to withstand powerful runs and high drag pressures, making this reel work perfectly well for both the fresh and saltwater environments.

Can you use Shimano Sahara in saltwater?

This reel is excellent for inshore saltwater fishing because it has nine corrosion-resistant stainless steel ball bearings. We would have to say that gives it a leg up in the salt against the Shimano Sahara FI.

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