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What is the relationship between Stephen Kumalo and James Jarvis?

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Asked by: Jessica Lovstad

Stephen feels guilty that his own son has taken Arthur’s life, but his guilt is soon overshadowed by enormous pain when he learns that his son will be hanged for the crime. Stephen encounters a young boy outside his home one day, and he realizes the boy is James Jarvis’ grandson.

Where is Kumalo at the end of the novel?

Kumalo spends the last chapter sitting at the top of a mountain. He has apparently climbed this mountain twice before, in times of great emotional upset. And this evening definitely counts as emotional upset for Kumalo, since Absalom is going to be executed at dawn the next day in the capital city of Pretoria.

What is Kumalo afraid of?

He knows the great power that he has, the power of which he is afraid. During one of John’s speeches, the narrator explains the magnitude of John’s power and how power represents the one thing he fears being taken away from him.

Who is Arthur Jarvis’s son?

James Jarvis A wealthy landowner whose son is murdered by Absalom and who comes to the realization of the guilt of the whites in such crimes. Arthur Jarvis James Jarvis’ son, who does not appear in the novel but whose racial views are highly significant and influential.

How is Harrison related to Arthur Jarvis?

John Harrison is a good friend of Arthur Jarvis. He also has familial ties with Arthur, since he is the brother of Arthur’s wife, Mary.

Why is Stephen Kumalo important to the story?

Stephen Kumalo is the protagonist and moral compass of Cry, the Beloved Country. He is a quiet, humble man, with a strong faith in God and a clear sense of right and wrong. An Anglican priest, Kumalo cares for his parishioners and presides over the modest church of the village he calls home.

How does Jarvis change in Cry, the Beloved Country?

In Cry, The Beloved Country one way James Jarvis changes throughout the novel after his son’s death he reacts to it by working to improve education and farming opportunities for the kids in his village. This quote shows that he wants to change the community making it a better place.

Who is John Kumalo in Cry, the Beloved Country?

In Cry, the Beloved Country, John Kumalo is Stephen Kumalo’s brother. John feels that he does not need the church because religion has not solved South Africa’s problems. Stephen decides to finds his brother and ask him why he never wrote.