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What is the purpose of traffic separation schemes?

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Asked by: Michael Kasilowski

The purpose of providing Principal Fairways and Traffic Separation Schemes is to improve the safety of navigation in areas where traffic density is high or traffic movement is restricted.

What is traffic separation scheme Maritime?

A traffic separation scheme (or ‘TSS’) is an area in the sea where navigation of ships is highly regulated. Each TSS is designed to create lanes in the water with ships in a specific lane all travelling in (roughly) the same direction.

What is separation scheme?

The purpose of a separation scheme is to show, in the form of a simple flowchart, how a reaction product is isolated (separated) and purified from the mixture of product, by-products, and unreacted starting materials present at the end of a synthesis reaction.

What rule is the traffic separation scheme?

a. This Rule applies to traffic separation schemes adopted by the Organization and does not relieve any vessel of her obligation under any other Rule.

What is separate traffic?

Definition: A traffic separation scheme is a scheme which aims to reduce the risk of collision in congested and/or converging areas by separating traffic moving in opposite, or nearly opposite, directions. ( IHO Dictionary, S-32, 5th Edition, 5585)

How do you cross traffic separation scheme?

In accordance with Rule 10 (c) (Traffic separation schemes), a vessel (Vessel B) shall so far as practicable avoid crossing traffic lanes, but if obliged to do so shall cross on a heading as nearly as practicable at right angles to the general direction of traffic flow.

How does VSS work in Malaysia?

VSS gives employees a choice to leave voluntarily with a letter of termination and lay-off benefits. In Malaysia, you can opt for either scheme to retrench your staff based on specific considerations outlined below. Need to send termination letters? Download a Termination Letter template here.

What is the purpose of traffic management?

Traffic management is aimed at attaining maximum efficiency from the existing road network while minimising adverse impacts of traffic. It is assuming increased importance in the light of financial restrictions on road construction and greater community awareness of environment problems related to road traffic.

What is the importance of traffic control?

Traffic control can be utilized to deal with the movement and development of cars and other sorts of transportation framework. Without traffic control, these vehicles will be unable to move from one place to another with ease. When that happens, accidents would unavoidably occur.