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What is Shane Battier doing?

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Asked by: Monique Butler

Before extending his executive career in the National Basketball Association, former Miami Heat forward Shane Battier is positioning his business affairs away from sports. Battier, 42, joined New York-based software firm Yext as a board member on Wednesday.

Does Shane Battier still play basketball?

He retired from playing basketball after the Heat’s 4-1 loss to the San Antonio Spurs in the 2014 NBA Finals. In 2017, Battier joined the Heat’s front office as director of basketball development and analytics.

Is Shane Battier a Hall of Famer?

Battier was selected sixth overall in the 2001 NBA Draft by the Vancouver Grizzlies and enjoyed a 13-year NBA career winning two NBA Championships. He was named to the College Basketball Hall of Fame in 2019.

Is Shane Battier married?

In summer 2004, Battier married Heidi Ufer, his high school sweetheart. They had their first son, Zeke Edward Battier, on June 2, 2008. On April 17, 2011, Heidi had their second child, a daughter named Eloise. Battier is a co-owner of D1 Sports Training in Memphis.

How good was Shane Battier?

Shane Battier was an intelligent player and a tough defender
While he was a star at Duke University, Battier couldn’t dominate at the NBA level. For all of his flaws, though, the forward was an incredibly intelligent player and a lockdown defender.

How many charges did Shane Battier take?

1, 2 and 3 at Duke. In the years since Battier played only Shavlik Randolph, who took 22 charges in the 2005 season, has even come close.
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Teams Score Time
Royals 0 3rd
Twins 1
Red Sox 3 1st
White Sox 0

What did Shane Battier study at Duke?

Comparative Religions

Battier graduated from Duke University in May 2001 with an NCAA Championship and a degree in Comparative Religions.

Who was the best player from the 2001 NBA draft?

Kwame Brown was selected 1st overall by the Washington Wizards. Tyson Chandler was selected 2nd overall by the Los Angeles Clippers (traded to the Chicago Bulls).

How many players from the 2001 NBA draft are still playing?

Memphis Grizzlies: Tyson Chandler
Chandler is the only guy still playing from the 2001 draft, which is partially because he joined the NBA at age 18.