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What is a Marcite pool?

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Asked by: Jill Owens

Marcite / traditional pool plaster Marcite is a mixture composed primarily of white Portland cement, marble dust, and fortifying additives to boost strength and water resistance. Mixed with water, it forms a smooth material that specialty crews use to coat the inside of a pool.

Is Marcite the same as Gunite?

Gunite, marcite, and concrete pools are the same thing, just different names for them. Complete Pool Re-plastering Every 3-7 Years at $3500.00 to $8000.00 NO JOKE! Excessive Use of Electricity – because pump must run longer, to inject more chemicals, to keep algae from building up in the concrete poors.

Which pool surface is best?

Pebble finishes, combined with modified cement, last 15+ years. This is the most durable cement based pool finish. Polished marble finishes are an upgrade to standard marble finishes since the reactive cream layer is polished off the pool finish.

What is the longest lasting pool finish?

Tile Finishes

Tile Finishes

Though tile is the most expensive pool finish and takes longer to install than plaster and aggregate, it’s the longest lasting pool surface. With proper application and minimal maintenance, tiles should never need to be replaced. Tile pool finishes come in ceramic, porcelain, glass and stone.

What is the cheapest pool finish?

Plaster finishes are the cheapest and easiest to install, but they lack durability. Aggregates can be the most attractive but are slightly more expensive and more time-consuming. Tile finishes are the most expensive and take the longest, but their durability is top-notch.

Is Marcite a good pool finish?

Because of its increased vulnerability to visual blemishes and its requirements for stringent water quality, marcite deteriorates faster. Bottom line, it’s the pool finish that will get the job done—but do so with the least durability and the shortest lifespan.

How often do you Marcite a pool?

If you take excellent care of pool plaster, such as marcite plaster can last up to 7-10 years while you’ll get an additional five years on the life of your pool is you use quartz aggregate blend for pool plastering.

How long will a gunite pool last?

But a properly built Gunite pool can and should last for 100 years or more, with no risk of cracking whatsoever. We’ve been building Gunite pools for more than 40 years (more than 4000 swimming pools), and we’ve never had one crack yet.

What is pebble Tec?

Pebble Tec® is made up primarily of small pebbles, white portland cement, and coloring. What makes this product unique are the pebbles themselves. These pebbles are harvested from around the world for their color, size, and smooth shape and are combined to create a wide range of colors.

What does Replastering a pool mean?

In a nutshell, replastering a pool means putting a new layer of plaster on the walls and bottom. What does plaster do? First, it serves to make your pool waterproof. Kind of important, right? When you had your pool installed, the people who did it likely used either concrete or gunite to form the “shell” of the pool.

What is better than Pebble Tec?

River rok is good alternative, stones are somewhat smaller and smoother than pebble tec. Can also custom the colors to your liking.

Is Pebble Tec better than gunite?

Pebble Tec is on the higher end of the cost spectrum. Pebble Tec is a mix of large pebbles, stone aggregate, and cement. This is the most durable of the plaster pool types as its surface last from 15 to 20 years +. Pebble Tec is the top choice for gunite pool buyers.

What is Diamond Brite pool finish?

Diamond Brite® finishes are blends of selected quartz aggregates and fortified white Portland cement ideal for new or re-finished swimming pools. Diamond Brite® finishes are factory blended to provide the pool owner with an extremely durable and attractive alternative to traditional pool coatings.

Is Diamond Brite worth the money?

I’m a detailer by trade and no it’s not worth. They don’t prep the car properly before applying and then they rush to do it. I’ve seen so many cars after just a few months have no protection at all. Save your money and contact a local detailer and you will get betters results from better products.

Is Diamond Brite better than Pebble Tec?

Diamond Brite is a quartz finish and is an excellent product as well. PebbleTec might have a slight edge on the Diamond Brite. So, if they did mix them up it isn’t all that bad. Especially if you’re happy with the finish and the color.

Is Diamond Brite pool worth it?

Diamond Brite

With a life expectancy of 10 to 15 years, and with a stunning appearance, it is an excellent choice for some pools. This option provides the best bang for the buck – it is truly beautiful and durable, but it just doesn’t feel as luxurious as our all-time favorite plaster, Hydrazzo (see below).

Is Diamond Brite gunite?

Diamond Brite is a brand of plaster that some pool owners use to cover their gunite pools. Over time however, Diamond Brite plaster will become stained from the chemicals used in your pool.

What is the most popular Diamond Brite color?

Common colors for Diamond Brite pools include Cool Blue, Onyx, Ivory, Oyster Quartz, Aqua Quartz, and Verde. However, our favorites are Tahoe Blue and French Gray.

How Long Does Diamond Brite last?

The paint protection is supposed to last five years.

How much does Diamond Bright cost?

about $5,000 to $10,000

Each style and color has a different price, but a Diamond Brite finish costs about $5,000 to $10,000.

Can you wax over Diamond Brite?

You can simply wax over it though and the wax will become the outer protective layer on the car. A pure wax (eg not a cleaner wax) shouldnt remove it, but obviously if you clay, polish and use paint cleaners in future you will.

What is Diamondbrite guarantee?

Diamondbrite comes with a guarantee which gives cover against colour fading, as well as from damage caused by bird droppings if washed off within 7 days. Once treated with Diamondbrite, you’ll never have to polish your car again.

Who applies Diamond Brite?

For a professional finish Guaranteed, Diamondbrite can only be applied at authorised Diamondbrite centres and by fully-trained technicians.

What is Ford Diamond Brite?

Diamondbrite Vehicle Protection creates a tough durable glaze​ protective coating over your vehicles paintwork which shields it from harmful elements and provides a high-gloss showroom finish that retains its appearance wash-after-wash.

Is Diamondbrite a ceramic coating?

Diamondbrite Ceramic Detailing Glaze is a modern finishing product providing high gloss ceramic protection for your car. Its invisible hydrophobic layer repels water and dirt to ensure your vehicle stays gleaming for longer.

How is Diamondbrite applied?

HOW TO USE DIAMONDBRITE CONSERVER Apply after use of Diamondbrite Max Foam Shampoo. 1) Shake well. 2) Add 25ml (1 capful) of Conserver to a clean bucket of water. 3) Using a separate bucket and sponge if possible, apply solution to all exterior paintwork.

How do you use Diamondbrite?

So as I went process of the panel's. I didn't get water dripping out of different places onto my surface. So stage one the pre glaze the way you apply it is you shake it up really well and then you

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