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What is a good cowgirl name?

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Asked by: Fernanda Mazurkiewicz

Cool Cowgirl Baby Names With Meanings

  • Abby. Abby is short for the name Abigail. …
  • Arizona. Although it is a state in the USA, Arizona has roots in the Native American culture. …
  • Autumn. Autumn is a name of Latin origin, and it means “season of fall”.
  • Bailey. …
  • Belle. …
  • Beatrice. …
  • Blossom. …
  • Bonnie.

What is the best cowgirl name?

Top 100 Cowgirl Names

  • Bailey.
  • Hannah.
  • Odessa.
  • Anna.
  • Shelby.
  • Maggie.
  • Tessa.
  • Caroline.

What is a badass female name?

Badass Girl Names for Your Rebel Princess

Davina Beloved Scottish
Diana Heavenly and divine Latin
Dola The crown brings honor African
Dominique Lord Latin
Domino Lord Latin

What’s a good name for a country girl?

Cute Girl Names Reminiscent of the Countryside

Alison Amaryllis Bailey
Belle Blake Cheyenne
Coby Rae Daisy Dakota
Delaney Dimples Dixie
Eileen Ellie Ember

What should I name my cowboy?

Badass Cowboy Names

  • Blaze.
  • Breaker.
  • Buck.
  • Buster.
  • Chance.
  • Colt.
  • Decker.
  • Duke.

Who is the most famous cowgirl?

1. Annie Oakley. Perhaps the most famous cowgirl of them all, Annie Oakley was born Phoebe Ann Moses in August 1860. Growing up in a poor family in Ohio, she learned to hunt to help her family survive.

What is the name of a female cowboy?

A cowgirl is the female equivalent of a cowboy.

What is an edgy name for a girl?

Edgy Girl Names for Trendsetters

Lux Light Greek
Margo Pearl French
Marley Boundary wood English
Matilda Mighty in battle German
Milan From the middle of the plain Latin

What is a vintage girl name?

Along with Ada and Iris, other retro names for girls in the US Top 200 include Alice, Arabella, Clara, Daisy, Esther, Josephine, Lydia, and Sadie. Unique vintage girl names on the rise include Cordelia, Imogen, Posey, and Susannah.

What is a unique girl name?

If you would like a name with a pretty sound, these unique girl names surely fit the bill.

  • Annalise. A combination of the name Anna and Lise, this name is simple, pretty, and unique. …
  • Calista. This name is the feminine form of Callistus, which means “most beautiful” in Greek. …
  • Enya. …
  • Allegra. …
  • Avalon. …
  • Aaliyah.

What does a cowboy call a friend?

Wheel-Horse – An intimate friend, one’s right hand man.

Who is the most famous cowboy?

Most Famous Cowboys of All Time

  • Doc Scurlock (1849-1929)
  • Cliven Bundy (b. 1946)
  • Ty Murray (b. 1969)
  • John Wesley Hardin (1853-1895)
  • Ben Johnson (1918-1996)
  • Will Rogers (1879-1935)
  • Annie Oakley (1860-1926)
  • Billy the Kid (1859-1881)

What were popular names in the Wild West?

Baby names inspired by the Wild West

  • Aaron.
  • Abraham.
  • Ace.
  • Alonzo.
  • Ambrose.
  • Amos.
  • August.
  • Bartholomew.

What female names were popular in the 1800s?


  • Mary.
  • Anna.
  • Margaret.
  • Elizabeth.
  • Bertha.
  • Emma.
  • Ethel.
  • Rose.

What were popular girl names in the 1700s?

Along with Elizabeth and Mary, other names from the 1700s still popular today include Abigail, Amy, Caroline, Charlotte, Hannah, Katherine, Molly, and Sabrina. Unique colonial-era nicknames for girls include Cleda, Hitty, Nonie, Thirza, and Winnet.