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What is a confinement barn?

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Asked by: Michelle Richardson

Confinement barns provide some advantages to both the animals and caregivers compared to outside pens or pasture systems. For example, confinement barns allow producers to control manure runoff and capture its nutrient value for crop production.

How do you rotate pastures?

Rotational grazing requires that all animals be removed from a pasture when the grass is grazed below two inches. The pasture then sits empty until the grass has grown above six inches. For a rotational grazing system to work, though, you must be able to rest each pasture up to a month at a time.

How often should Fields be rotated?

How to Rotate Crops: Crops should be rotated on at least a three to four year cycle. They should be rotated every year. So a crop of corn planted this year is not planted in the same field for the next two or three years.

What are the disadvantages of rotational grazing?

The disadvantages of rotational grazing include the need for more fence to be constructed, time required to move cattle, and the need to have water and access to shade from each smaller paddock.