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What hunting season is in right now in Kentucky?

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Asked by: Erica Williams

For final confirmation of Kentucky spring turkey hunting season, visit the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources website. Bear hunting may be closed in some Kentucky hunting zones.

Kentucky Deer Seasons.

Archery, Youth and Senior Crossbow Sept. 4-Jan. 17
Youth-Free Weekend Jan. 1-2

What can you hunt year round in Kentucky?

Season Dates – Searchable application

Crow One-half hour before sunrise Sept. 1 – Nov. 7, 2021 and Jan. 4 – Feb. 28, 2022, daylight hours only
Bullfrog Noon May 21 – Midnight Oct. 31, 2021
Groundhog Year-round
Turtles* Year-round, day or night

What seasons are there in hunting?

Deer hunting seasons usually start in September and can last until December. However, some states begin the open season in September, whereas other states don’t open until October and even November. Seasons can last until January, depending on the state.

What wild game is in Kentucky?

Official State Wild Game Animal of Kenttucky

The eastern gray squirrel (most frequently seen east of the Mississippi River) is best known for Its ability to plan for the future.

Why is hunting season in winter?

Why winter has traditionally be the favorite season for game hunting: Improved visibility. The thick African brush and long grasses thin out a bit in winter due to lack of rain. It also fades in color, making it easier to spot game.

Why are there different hunting seasons?

Because of the large role hunting has in wildlife management, hunting seasons are dependent on the type of animal, the environment, and animal characteristics like mating season. Hunting seasons are determined on a state-by-state basis by wildlife biologists who study animal populations.

What is the best season to hunt?

Winter is the best season for hunting deer. If you don’t mind bundling up, almost every other part of the hunt becomes easier. In fact, winter’s the perfect time to take a beginner out on the hunt.

Are deer active in the cold?

A significant temperature drop during a cold front in October or November triggers some of the best deer activity of the season. Think of deer movement and temperature as inversely related. For example, mature bucks especially will increase their daytime activity as temperatures fall with a passing cold front.

What month are deer most active?

What Season Are Deer Most Active? It should come as no surprise that deer take advantage of feeding times when vegetation is most abundant, which is between April and September in most regions. During these months, deer can feast on fields of soybean, alfalfa and other greens.

Where do big bucks go during the day?

However, it is much more common to see a big deer on its feet in daylight feeding in a staging area. These can be small food plots, pockets of dropped acorns, etc. Find these locations between bedding areas and major food sources. That’s the best way to kill a mature buck while it’s eating.

How far do bucks bed from food?

100 to 150 yards

They have to get up to hydrate themselves, eat, and use the bathroom. However, once mature bucks feed when the sun is up, it is typically only within 100 to 150 yards from the bedding area. With that being said, if you can locate a solid food source to a bedding area, you are almost guaranteed to spot a buck.