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What happens if the jack goes in the gutter?

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Asked by: Whit Knight

In the instance where the Jack is knocked into the gutter, it is live and the game continues to be played. If the ball that hits the jack also goes into the gutter, it is also a live ball.

What happens if you hit the jack?

The Bowl that hits the Jack is known as a Toucher, and it too remains in play. Any Bowl that reaches the Ditch without touching the Jack is taken out of play. When all the Bowls have been rolled, all Bowls closer to the Jack than the opponents’ closest bowl are counted.

What happens if you hit the white ball in lawn bowls?

In lawn bowling, the target is a small white ball, whose size is like a billiard ball and is known as ‘jack’. The points are awarded to the player who can locate his ball as near as the jack.

What is the significance of a toucher in bowls?

A bowl which moves the jack is marked with chalk and classed as a “toucher”. If it touches the jack before falling into the ditch it stays there, remains “live” and may feature in the final shot count. A toucher that remains on the rink and is later driven into the ditch by another bowl is also a live bowl.

Why do they chalk the balls in bowls?

In Competitions, and at other clubs, if that occurs it is classed as a DEAD END, and the whole end has to be re-played and no score or end is recorded. According to a forum from the BBC, the reason the bowls are sprayed is to mark them as touchers.

What happens when the jack goes out of bounds?

If the jack is knocked out of bounds (outside the side boundary lines of the rink), the end is called a “burnt” end. A burnt end is either played over or is considered a played end with 0 score for both teams, depending on the rules in play.

Can you hit the cochonnet?

During the course of the match there is no penalty for hitting or moving the cochonnet, indeed it can be an important tactic, particularly if you move it closer to your own boules.

Are bowls balls weighted?

Bowling balls are manufactured in weights from 6 pounds to 16 pounds. Most centers have house balls available in all of those weights. House balls are drilled for the masses so it would truly be a miracle if a house ball fit you perfectly.

What does the umpire spray on bowls?

The reason the bowls are sprayed is to mark them as touchers. These are bowls which, because they have touched the jack, can not be knocked out of play by hitting them into the ditch. The spray is more accurite than what is used in most indoor bowls clubs which is chalk.

Can you move the mat in lawn bowls?

The mat must be placed by the bowler about to roll the jack. The mat must be placed centrally and squarely in line with the rink markers, with the front edge of the mat being at least 2 meters (6ft 6in) away from the ditch and the front edge no more than 25 meters (82ft) from the ditch.

Why are bowls called Woods?

In lawn bowls the balls are called “bowls” or “woods”.
“Woods” is reference to the fact they used to be made out of wood, however the more common term these days is “bowls”.

What does Jack High mean?

if a bowl is jack high it means it has reached a position whereby its nearest part is laterally aligned with the jack. Effectively it means the bowl and jack are level. a non-slip area from where players must deliver their bowls, with some part of. their foot on or over the mat upon their release.

What is a dead end in lawn bowls?

dead bowl. after a bowl has been delivered and comes to rest, if it finishes in the ditch, or outside the rink boundary, it is considered a dead bowl, and is removed from play. However, if the bowl has touched the jack, it remains a live bowl even if in the ditch, as long as it is within the boundary of the rink.

What does G mean in bowling?

G board – The gutter. Get away – The act of getting something positive out of a bad release or poorly thrown shot.

What is a spoon drive in bowls?

The Winter Spoon Drive is a weekly turn up and play Competition, held on Saturday afternoons throughout the Winter. Ideally it is a Triples Competition, but the format depends upon the number of players who turn up. Tokens are placed in a bag and each player draws one.