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What finish goes over tung oil?

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Asked by: Jay Stewart

What finish can be applied over Tung oil? You can seal dried Tung oil with finishes like wipe-on poly or spar varnish, shellac, lacquer, and even wax –carnauba wax or beeswax.

What finish can be put over tung oil?

Wipe-on poly or spar varnish will work on top of tung oil. This should protect the top from water damage, but it will show wear, so you will need to reapply every year or so. Okay if it is in your house, but not in a client’s. The best way would be an epoxy finish without the tung oil.

How do you seal tung oil?

Get all the nooks and crannies it doesn't have to be perfect don't have to go with the grain. And get the edges in the corners. And this is pretty viscous.

Does tung oil need a sealer?

No additional sealer is needed as the tung oil naturally seals and offers waterproof protection.

Can you polish over tung oil?

You could also wax polish on top of the tung oil to achieve the sheen you want. Both will be hard work with lots of rubbing and time between coats. Patience will help.

Can you use water based polyurethane over tung oil?

Yes. Apply a thin coat of de-waxed shellac in between. It is the universal in-between coat.

Can you shellac over tung oil?

Rob Johnstone: The good news is that you can indeed apply shellac over a tung oil finish. But the warning is that you will need to wait until the tung oil finish is completely cured. That will take at least a week or so to be sure.

Can you put wax over tung oil?

Yes, Feed-N-Wax is compatible with all cured (fully dry) clear coat finishes including; tung oil finish, polyurethane finish, varnish, and lacquer wood finishes. Feed-N-Wax adds a protective coating of beeswax and carnauba wax that helps prolong the life of the finish.

Can I put Danish oil over tung oil?

There are a lot of products labeled as such, but there is no “standard” that manufacturers have to adhere to in calling their products an “oil” finish. Your polymerized tung oil product over a cured Watco Danish Oil , a boiled linseed oil finish or pure tung oil finish would probably be OK.

How long does it take for tung oil to cure?

Pure Tung oil will take anywhere between 30-45 days to cure under optimal curing conditions. However, Polymerized Tung oil should be able to cure fully in approximately one week.

Does tung oil dry to a hard finish?

While there are many advantages to using it, pure tung oil takes two to three days to harden, and needs at least five coats. Oil/varnish blends and wiping varnishes are faster-drying, more practical options, but such terms rarely appear on labels. For help picking a finish, see below.

Does tung oil leave a shine?

As the name suggests, the pure tung oil is free of additives and distillates, meaning it doesn’t create a glossy or heavy finish. Pure tung oil dries to a honey color.

How do you fix blotchy tung oil?

Here’s an old boat trick to fix too much sealer (tung oil or urethane) applied to teak decks: Rub out the spots with 90 percent rubbing alcohol using “0000” bronze wool. This will remove the discolored finish and won’t harm the wood. Rubbing alcohol is cheap and not as toxic as acetone.