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What does the swollen area called the Clitellum indicate?

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Asked by: Jorge Crawford

The outside surfaces of segments 31-37 are glandular, swollen, and smooth. This region is called the clitellum. This is located about one third of the way from the front end of the worm. The clitellum means that the worm is an adult and can mate and lay eggs.

What does the clitellum indicate?

: a thickened glandular section of the body wall of some annelids that secretes a viscid sac in which the eggs are deposited.

What is the swollen part of an earthworm called?

The clitellum is a swelling of the skin and can only be seen in earthworms that are ready to reproduce. It may be white, orange-red or reddish-brown in colour. Earthworms are ready to mate when their clitellum is orange. Most of the material secreted to form earthworm cocoons is produced within the clitellum.

What is the purpose of the clitellum in an earthworm?

earthworms. … 32 and 37 is the clitellum, a slightly bulged, discoloured organ that produces a cocoon for enclosing the earthworm’s eggs.

Where is the clitellum in an earthworm?

Adult (sexually mature) earthworms have a distinct swelling called a clitellum. It is located about one-third of the way down the earthworm. The clitellum is often white or orange in colour. It produces most of the material secreted to form earthworm cocoons.

What is the function of the earthworm clitellum quizlet?

What is the function of the clitellum, the only organ visible externally on earthworms? It secretes mucus that is important in reproduction.

Do all worms have a clitellum?

The clitellum is only found on adult worms. Young or juvenile worms do not have a clitellum. The clitellum of each species of earthworm has a distinct colour, size, and shape. Another key structure found on the clitellum is the tubercula pubertatis.

Is the clitellum part of the nervous system?

The clitellum is part of the reproductive system of earthworm. It also secretes a viscous fluid to form a cocoon for it’s eggs.

What is the bump on an earthworm?

The bump is the clitellum, the saddle shaped swollen area 1/3 of the way back containing the gland cells which secrete a slimy material (mucus) to form the cocoon which will hold the worm embryos.

Is the clitellum is located toward the anterior end of the worm?

External Anatomy

Locate the clitellum which is on the anterior end of the worm. Locate the mouth of the worm on the far anterior end of the worm. The openings toward the anterior of the worm are the sperm ducts. The openings near the clitellum are the genital setae.

How do you pronounce clitellum?

White salón white salón white white white salón white.

What other clues on the earthworm would tell you which end was which?

The earthworms head is closer to its clitellum (saddle). An earthworm also moves forward with its head first, so it is always worth looking at which direction it is moving in, particularly if it is a juvenile and does not have a clitellum (saddle).