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What does it mean in Chapter 18 when the giver says memories are forever?

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Asked by: Chris Ballin

Memories are forever.” The Giver thus points towards the way memories are handled and dealt with in this community, and the dangers that would exist if a Giver, like Rosemary, should die without being able to transfer those memories on to a different Giver and therefore protect the community from those memories.

In what sense are memories forever in The Giver?

In what sense are “memories forever” in the community? They are forever in the sense that they can not be forgotten and taken away with someone who dies. They are there from generations and generations and are passed down.

What does memories mean in The Giver?

source of wisdom

In The Giver, memories are a source of wisdom, but also of pain. We learn that the latter is the cost of the former. We learn from mistakes, and without the memory of those mistakes, we cannot actively make decisions about the future.

What does it mean that memories are forever what happened to the memories that The Giver transferred to Rosemary after her death?

All of the memories that Rosemary had received returned to the people in the community. Because memories are forever and are never lost, the people were forced to experience the anguish and the joy contained in the memories. For the first time in their lives, they experienced real feelings.

What was The Giver thinking about at the end of Chapter 18?

Jonas remembers what The Giver said about the memories that were released after Rosemary left. He realizes that he himself has an entire year’s worth of memories, and asks what would happen if he were to, say, drown in the river.

Why are memories important in The Giver quotes?

Memories need to be shared. The Giver explains to Jonas that memories go hand-in-hand with human connection. Our best memories are often with others, and sharing them with someone else is what makes those memories real.

Why are memories important in The Giver?

In The Giver, memories are vital to give individuals wisdom and experience. Individuals gain wisdom through memories. The Giver and Jonas talk about why receivers are important and the giver argues to him that they provide wisdom to the community so they can make the best decision possible.

How do you explain memory?

Memory is the process of taking in information from the world around us, processing it, storing it and later recalling that information, sometimes many years later. Human memory is often likened to that of a computer memory system or a filing cabinet.

What memories did The Giver give to Jonas?

Lowry’s descriptions and imagery are similar to that found in poetry. In Chapter 13, The Giver transmits a painful memory of an elephant hunt to Jonas, during which an elephant is shot and killed for its tusks.

How does Jonas feel about this memory?

How does Jonas feel about this memory? The Giver’s favorite memory was Christmas with a fire, a Christmas tree, a dog, presents, and a family (Lowry 116). Jonas likes the memory because for the first time he understood love (118 Lowry).

What happened in chapter 18 the Giver?

The Giver tells Jonas that her name was Rosemary, and that he loved her very much, the same way he loves Jonas. She loved the happy memories The Giver gave her, but after receiving memories of loneliness, loss, and fear, she was so distraught that she applied for release without telling The Giver.

What did the Giver tell Jonas he had realized about the memories?

What did the Giver tell Jonas he had realized about the memories? He said he realized that memories needed to be shared. His job was lonely because he had to keep all of the memories to himself.

What was the Giver’s favorite memory?

a memory of love and happiness

One day, The Giver transmits his own favorite memory, a memory of love and happiness, to Jonas. In the memory, Jonas is inside a house, and it is snowing outside. A fire is burning in a fireplace, creating a cozy atmosphere, and colored lights decorate a Christmas tree.

What was Jonas’s first lie?

What is the first lie Jonas tells his parents? Jonas said that he understood to not use the word love.

What is the first painful memory Jonas receives?


Jonas goes to The Giver and receives his first memory, that of sledding down a hill in the snow. He also receives the memory of sunburn, his first encounter with pain in a memory. Jonas sees Fiona’s hair “change” the same way the apple did.

What was The Giver’s favorite memory and what did Jonas learn from it?

He asks the Giver what his favorite memory is, and the Giver transmits a memory of a family—grandparents, parents, young children—opening presents at Christmas. Jonas has never heard of grandparents.

Which memory is The Giver’s favorite Why do you think the author had that be his favorite memory?

Answer. Answer: 1. The Giver’s favorite memory is a happy , warm, hoilday celebration with family that includes brightly wrapped presents, colorful decorations, wonderful kitchen smells, a dog lying by the fire, and snow outside.

What did this memory show Jonas that was different from his life in the community?

Jonas’s life differs from the lives of hi classmates because he can lie and he cannot talk about his training to anybody other than the Giver.

What happens to Jonas in the war memory?

In the memory, Jonas is a young man who gives another badly injured solider water and then stays with the other soldier as he dies. Jonas is himself injured, and the pain he feels is horrifying.

What was Jonas last memory?

Since Jonas is all, “Bring it on, baby,” so the old man transmits one last memory for the day: sunburn.

Why was Jonas’s second memory painful?

Why did The Giver offer Jonas this experience? The second experience with snow involved pain, unlike the first of happiness. The Giver had to transmit the memories with pain.

What happened to the memories that the last receiver learned after she was released?

What happened to the memories when the last Receiver failed 10 years ago? They were released to the community. Why did Jonas ask the Giver to give him painful memories? Jonas wanted to take away some of the Giver’s pain.

What happened to the girl that was trained to be receiver of memory before Jonas?

What happened to THE GIRL who was supposed to be the Receiver (before Jonas)? They said they didn’t know, that they never saw her again. But we know she asked to be released.

Is there a giver 2 movie?

Jonas reappeared for the first time as a full-fledged character — albeit under a different name — in 2004’s Messenger, a sequel to Gathering Blue. And today, his saga (and Gabe’s) finally comes to an end with the release of Son, the first direct sequel to The Giver.
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Who is Jonas birth mother?


Inger is a girl in the Community. She was in Jonas’s birth group, and at the Ceremony of Twelve was assigned the job of Birthmother.