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What does FG mean in school?

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Asked by: Melissa Roberts

FG stands for Functional Grade.

What does FG stand for in school?

Marks: There are three columns for grades: Column P – Progress Report; Q – Quarter Grade; FG – Final Grade. Points: Not used. Abs and Tdy: Absence and Tardy per class since first day of school.

What does the slang FG mean?

Summary of Key Points
Family Guy” is the most common definition for FG on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. FG. Definition: Family Guy.

What does FG stand for in science?

Fg. Fg is an abbreviation used in physics and engineering for the force exerted by gravity on an object, normally represented in units such as the newton.

What does GE stand for in school?

General Education (GE) courses teach essential university-level skills and introduce fundamental ideas in arts, humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences.

How many FG schools are in Pakistan?

FGEI Directorate is acutely mindful of the necessity of schools in our country. Hence it has a wide network of 311 schools under its command all over Pakistan ranging from Primary to High and Higher Secondary Schools.

What does FG stand for in cooking?

Abbreviations Used in Recipes

Abbreviation Measurement
fg, f.g Few grains
fl, fl. Fluid
fl oz, fl. oz. Fluid ounce
gal Gallon

What is the abbreviation for Special Education?


Special Education Sp. Ed./Sped Supports and services provided to eligible individuals to address their unique needs.

Why is there GE in college?

College students all across the United States complete a GE program toward becoming a well-educated person. General Education is the key to a most successful future. A well-planned GE program of study provides students with the skills they will need to excel in whatever discipline(s) they choose to pursue.

What does GE mean in math?

Greater than or Equal to (computer math)

What does IRL mean in AR?

Instructional Reading Level (IRL) is calculated after a student completes a Star Reading test; it is a criterion-referenced score that is the highest reading level at which a student is 80% proficient (or higher) at comprehending material with assistance.

What does pp mean in Star Reading?

IRL scores are Pre-Primer (PP), Primer (P), grades 1.0 through 12.9, and Post-High School (PHS).