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What does Dell Curry do for a living?

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Asked by: Lisa Robbins

Where does Dell Curry work?

Curry currently works as a color commentator, alongside Eric Collins, on Charlotte Hornets television broadcasts. He is the father of NBA players Stephen Curry and Seth Curry.

What is Green’s net worth?

Draymond Green’s profile

Title Details
Facebook: @money23green
Twitter: @Money23Green
Net worth: $60 million
Salary: $16 million

Who is Sindel Curry?

Sydel Alicia Curry-Lee (born October 20, 1994) is an American former college volleyball player who played for the Elon Phoenix women’s volleyball team of the CAA Conference.

Is Ayesha Curry a chef?

Despite not having any professional chef training, her culinary career started in 2014, when she prepared her first meal as a YouTube demonstration on her channel Little Lights of Mine.

Ayesha Curry
Occupation Actress author television personality cook
Years active 2008–present

How did sydel and Damion meet?

The couple met during a college basketball game. “He was walking up the stairs, I was sitting in the stands and we kind of made eye contact,” Curry said. Lee, who was also in the video, said that he when he saw her, he knew he was never going to “forget that face.” They struck up a conversation and exchanged numbers.