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What do fire breathers spit out?

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Asked by: Brandon Taharka

Fire breathing is a stunning but potentially injurious stunt. The fire-breathers direct a mouthful of fuel forcefully or creates a fine mist by spitting through pursed lips which is ignited over a flame resulting in a stunning visual show of plume, pillar, ball, volcano, or a cloud of fire [Figure 2].

What is the liquid that fire breathers use?

What fuel do fire breathers use? The most commonly used fuel is kerosene. Lamp oil is chemically similar to kerosene and is also a common choice. Some performers use naphtha, also known as white gas, Coleman fuel or lighter fluid, for some fire stunts.

What do people spit fire with?

Popular options include specialized fire blowing fuels (such as Safex Pyrofluid FS), kerosene, and paraffin (traditional lamp oil). You should never use naphtha (white gas), lighter fluid, gasoline, or ethyl alcohol.

How do fire breathers not get burnt?

Preparation is key to the art of fire breathing and only through keeping safety in mind at all times can even the most gifted fire breather perform uninjured. To do this artists focus on three main things: fuel type, technique and wind direction.

What fuel do fire dancers use?

Some American fire performers use white gas although most use other fuels due to its low flash point, while British fire performers use paraffin (called kerosene in the US) or the white gas substitute petroleum naphtha.

Can you use alcohol for fire breathing?

The naphtha is usually considered as a dangerous fuel choice for fire breathing because of its low flash point and high volatility. The methyl alcohol is extremely toxic and has extremely low flash point; ethyl alcohol in addition allows drunkenness and should be avoided for the fire work.

Can you put lighter fluid in your mouth?

You never, never, never spit out Coleman (camp fuel) or lighter fluid or Bacardi 151,” Robbins said. “You run the risk of residue left on your face and in the mouth, which can combust.”

What alcohol can you use to spit fire?

SAFETY FIRST! Let’s get this obvious fact out of the way: Alcohol is very flammable. Anything over 80 proof will light on fire. The higher the proof, the easier it will ignite.

What is the coolest burning fuel?

Cold fires are difficult to observe and are uncommon in everyday life, but they are responsible for engine knock – the undesirable, erratic, and noisy combustion of low-octane fuels in internal combustion engines.


Compound CFT (°C) AIT (°C)
Isopropyl alcohol 360 400
n-Butyl acetate 225 420

Is white gas the same as kerosene?

Performance. White gas burns at high efficiency, using less fuel for cooking compared to kerosene. It is the preferred fuel for cold-weather hikers and higher altitude backpackers. It also burns more cleanly with few additives, leaving few deposits and requiring less cleaning of equipment.

What do you soak a fire baton in?

Place one of the ends of the fire batons completely into standard tiki torch oil. Allow oil to soak in for 30-45 minutes. 2. Shake out the excess fluid by flinging the batons over the oil container and let drip for several minutes.

Can you spin fire with Kerosene?

Fire Spinning with White Gas vs Kerosene

Unless you need a quick light up, or cannot stand the smell, Kerosene wins the fire fuel match. Simply for its overall ease in acquiring and its 40% longer burn time. White gasoline burns bright, fast, but is quickly dimming within a minute or so of burning.

How hot does white gas?

White gas is less vapor dense than gasoline and thus its flash point is higher, making it a safer option, but still considered very volatile. White gas can be ignited in temperatures around 0°F.