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What did Samuel de Champlain do for Canada?

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Asked by: Stephanie Mack

Known as the “Father of New France,” Champlain founded Quebec (1608), one of the oldest cities in what is now Canada, and consolidated French colonies. He also made important explorations of what is now northern New York, the Ottawa River, and the eastern Great Lakes.

How did Samuel de Champlain treat First Nations?

Champlain maintained the best relations with the Indians along the St. Lawrence and interior. This was done to ensure the safety and longevity of French settlements in the region. Unlike many other explorers, Champlain was impressed by the Indians in many ways, but only after years of exposure to them.

What did Champlain realize where the riches of Canada?

Lawrence. Champlain sailed with the expedition past the sites of present-day Quebec, Trois-Rivières, and Montreal. He immediately realized that these lands could be colonized by French citizens and provide France with many resources and great wealth. Champlain also learned of the existence of the Great Lakes.

What was Samuel de Champlain goal?

Part of Champlain’s goal was to retrace the steps of his French predecessor, Jacques Cartier, who had explored New France more than 50 years before him and given Canada its name. As such, Champlain was not the first European to see these places, but he was the first to describe and map them out in such detail.

How did Samuel de Champlain help the fur trade?

Champlain established trading companies that sent goods, primarily fur, to France, and oversaw the growth of New France in the St. Lawrence River valley until his death, in 1635.

Who discovered Canada?

In 1604, the first European settlement north of Florida was established by French explorers Pierre de Monts and Samuel de Champlain, first on St. Croix Island (in present-day Maine), then at Port-Royal, in Acadia (present-day Nova Scotia). In 1608 Champlain built a fortress at what is now Québec City.

Which Canadian city is named after an English explorer?

Iqaluit, Nunavut

From 1955 to 1987, the settlement was named Frobisher Bay, after the explorer Martin Frobisher who searched for the Northwest Passage.

Who founded Quebec?

Samuel de Champlain

Samuel de Champlain, French explorer and founder of the city of Quebec, statue by Paul Chevré, 1898; in Quebec city.