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What did Jean Lafitte smuggle?

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Asked by: Jerome Yeboah

Lafitte’s main commodity was African slaves because the United States outlawed international slave imports in 1808. Lafitte purchased slaves in the West Indies, where they were cheap, and then smuggled them into Louisiana where they were expensive because of this federal ban on slave imports.

What did Jean Lafitte steal?

In 1817, Jean founded a new colony on Galveston Island named Campeche, which at its height earned millions of dollars annually from stolen or smuggled coin and goods. Very little is known about Lafitte, and speculation about his life and death continues among historians.

Did Jean Lafitte have treasure?

Jean Lafitte, a one-time resident of Louisiana and privateer, is believed by some to have buried a large cache of treasure somewhere in the bayous of Louisiana. Other variations of the mystery say Lafitte buried the treasure in multiple locations along the Gulf Coast.

What is Jean Lafitte known for?

Jean Laffite, Laffite also spelled Lafitte, (born 1780?, France—died 1825?), privateer and smuggler who interrupted his illicit adventures to fight heroically for the United States in defense of New Orleans in the War of 1812.

What did Jean Lafitte do to impact Texas?

He supplied men, weapons, and his knowledge of the region, and during the battle of New Orleans on January 8, 1815, his followers helped the forces led by Andrew Jackson to secure an overwhelming victory.

What is Lafitte devil fruit?

Devil Fruit
Laffitte using angel-like wings to fly. Laffitte is implied to have eaten a Devil Fruit that allows him to obtain wings and fly, though this has not been confirmed. He showed his ability when the Blackbeard Pirates invaded Impel Down.

What is Jean Lafitte treasure worth?

5. The Lost Treasure of Hendrick’s Lake The infamous pirate of the Gulf Jean Lafitte took a $2 million fortune in silver from a Spanish galleon and supposedly buried it in the Sabine River near the East Texas town of Sabine.

Is there any buried treasure in Texas?

According to, Texas is thought to have around $340 million in buried treasure — more than any other state in the U.S. Many of the state’s estimated 229 treasure sites are reportedly hidden under layers of limestone and spread across the Texas Hill Country.

Is there any unfound treasure?

Honjo Masamune sword. Lost Library of the Moscow Tsars. Crown jewels of Ireland. Sappho’s lost poems.

Where did Jean Lafitte live in Galveston?

Located at 1417 Harborside, Galveston, Texas is the site of Jean Lafitte’s Maison Rouge. Jean Lafitte of New Orleans fame is perhaps the most famous pirate to have ever called Galveston home. He came to live at the island in 1812 after having to evacuate his previous haven, Barataria Bay near New Orleans.

What was Jean Lafitte known for during the Mexican revolution?

He served as a spy for the Spanish during Mexico’s war for independence. In 1820, the United States Navy shut down Lafitte’s smuggling operation in Spanish Texas, which is the last known record of Lafitte.

What does Lafitte mean in French?

French: topographic name for someone who lived near a boundary mark Old French fitte (from Late Latin fixta petra ‘fixed stone’ from the past participle of figere ‘to fix or fasten’); or a habitational name from any of several places in the south of France named Lafitte (or Laffitte; compare Laffitte ).

Which notorious pirate has a US national park named after him?

Jean Lafitte

Why is a National Park Named for Jean Lafitte? In 1966, Louisiana authorized a state park to be established at the present site of the Barataria Preserve. The park was named after Lafitte because of his smuggling operations in the area.

Did they find Jean Lafitte ship?

HOUSTON — It’s the treasure hunt of a lifetime, and now it’s landed them on national TV. The Hix boys from Baytown were featured on Discovery Channel’s “Expedition Unknown” for their quest to solve the unanswered disappearance of French Pirate Jean Lafitte. They believe now they’ve found his sunken ship.

Who was the most notorious pirate?


Blackbeard. Blackbeard is probably the best-known pirate in history, even though his life is shrouded in mystery. Much of what we know about him and other pirates of his time comes from a 1724 book, published under the name Capt. Charles Johnson, called “A General History of the Pyrates (opens in new tab)”.