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What did Babe Zaharias die of?

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Asked by: Lori Foster

cancercancer at the age of 42. Her three-year fight for life ended painlessly in a Galveston hospital as she slept. George Zaharias, her husband, is joined by sports lovers everywhere in mourning her.

Did Babe Zaharias have any children?

In January 1938, she met George Zaharias, a professional wrestler often billed as “The Crying Greek from Cripple Creek,” at the Los Angeles Open. She was attracted to this hulk of a man who could drive a golf ball farther than she. On December 23, 1938, they were married. They had no children.

How did Babe Didrikson meet her husband?

Mr. Zaharias was a professional wrestler when he met Babe Didrikson at a golf tournament in Los Angeles in 1938. They married late that year in St. Louis and were seldom apart thereafter as he quit wrestling and followed her throughout the country while she became one of the world’s best-known golfers.
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Who was Babe Didrikson Zaharias and why did she receive this honor?

Zaharias was the superstar who made the LPGA possible. Prior to the signing of the original LPGA charter in 1950, Babe was already recognized as the world’s top female athlete having won two gold medals and one silver medal in track and field at the 1932 Olympic Games in Los Angeles.

Who was the only athlete to win an Olympic medal in high jump hurdling and javelin tossing?

Babe Didrikson

Babe Didrikson achieved an unusual feat at the Los Angeles 1932 Olympic Games, becoming the only athlete ever – male or female – to win individual Olympic medals in separate running, throwing and jumping events. The Texan sprinted to gold in the 80-meter hurdles and threw the javelin for a second gold.

Who was the first lady golfer?

Mary, Queen of Scots, ruled Scotland from 1542 to 1567 and is noted by some as the first female to play golf. During her reign the famous St Andrews Links golf course was built.