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What considerations are important when purchasing a new chain?

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Asked by: Dana Evans

How do I know what chain to buy?

When selecting a chain, the first consideration is the number of rear sprockets. The rear cog sets have been made with 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, or 12 sprockets. As the number of cogs on the rear hub increases, the spacing between cogs tends to be reduced.

What is the difference between bike chains?

Chains have become narrower to match, which limits their compatibility between drivetrains with different numbers of gears. Therefore, you can’t run a 12-speed chain with an 11-speed sprocket set, for example, and it means that if you’ve got an 11-speed drivetrain you’ll need an 11-speed chain.

Why are bike chains speed specific?

The reasoning behind specific chains for different speeds is as they have increased the number of gears available on a bike they have maintained the same freehub width over the last 4 iterations. 8, 9, 10 and some 11 speed cassettes all work on the same width hub.

How do bike chains work?

Quote from video: It's just running on a single cog. And a single chainring. But chains that have to deal with multi speed drive trains. Well they have to be skinny. Enough to not rub on the COG. Next or but also wide

How many links should my chain have?

A new bicycle chain usually comes with 116 links. This is long enough for the biggest chainrings and for most distances of rear wheel from front chainrings. So for optimal length a new chain is usually shortened from the 116 links that come in the box.

What length chain should I get?

After a measurement is obtained, its a good idea to opt for a necklace size that is at least the second size up from your neck size. For example, if you have an 18 inch neck, you should probably choose a chain length of 20 inches or more. An 18 inch chain would feel too tight.

How do I know what chain to buy for my bike?

Add the multiplied chainstay length, the divided number of teeth for the chainring and rear sprocket, and add 1 (or 2.5 cm). The result is the ideal chain length for your bike. For example, you’d add 32.5, 13, 7 and 1 to get 53.5. The length of the chain should be 53.5 inches or 135.89 cm.

When should I replace my bike chain?

The number most commonly agreed on for a worn chain is one percent elongation between links. In reality though, you want to replace the chain before this point. So therefore anything past 12, 1/16 inches (0.5 percent) would be the time to replace a chain.

How long does a bike chain last?

So, how long do bike chains last? In general, a good chain will last 2,000 to 3,000 miles or 3 to 4 years. Chains on mountain bikes and electric bikes will get worn out faster. Many factors can influence chain life, such as conditions, speed, weight, and stress.

Are gold bike chains better?

Are gold bike chains better? There is no evidence that a gold chain gives you better performance or increased durability than the same chain in the standard silver/metallic finish.

Can I use a 8-speed chain on a 7 speed bike?

A 7.1 mm wide 8-speed chain* will fit all the other systems (5, 6 and 7-speed ones). Shimano, SRAM and Campagnolo all use the same chain with 8 speeds.

Will a 11 speed chain work on a 10 speed?

Dear Lennard,

In a prior post on VeloNews, you state that an 11-speed chain will work with 10-speed cranks, where the rest of the group is 11S.

Does chain length affect shifting?

Proper chain length makes a big difference with shifting. It’s not intuitive — that’s for sure — but lots of front shifting problems are solved by setting chain length (and tension) correctly.

How low does an 18 inch chain hang?

45 cm / 18″ – An 18 inch necklace is popular choice among women and will fall just below the throat at the collarbone. This length is popular for adding pendants, and the piece will hang over a crew neck t-shirt.

How do I know if my chain is too short?

You should also see two slight bends at each jockey wheel of the rear derailleur. If the chain is too short, this shift is difficult to make and the derailleur cage is stretched out and almost parallel to the chainstay. If the chain is really short, then you might not even be able to shift into the largest cog.

How do I buy my first chain?

Quote from video: But let's go to get it to the next step picking the width. And the length of your chain. This is really important people this is a very important step you wouldn't look correct now the length.

How do I choose a bike chain?

Quote from video: Link chains use two removable outer plates to connect the chain connection rivets chains use a special rivet to connect the chain. Tools needed for sizing our a chain tool to cut the chain.

What chain should I get my boyfriend?

These are usually worn in casual occasions. The necklace chain you will purchase for your boyfriend could be a stainless steel chain, a sterling silver, or even gold. Bigger links of chains are common for plain style, since there will be no pendant to include in this type of necklace.

What type of chain sparkles the most?

diamond cut chains

Actually, diamond cut chains are the type of chain that sparkles more than any other chain. This is especially pronounced with thicker, woven chains, like the diamond cut Franco chains beloved by 80s hip hop stars.

What chain style is strongest?

All curb link chains are among the strongest gold chain necklace designs, but the Cuban link is the strongest of all because of its thickness. The unmistakable feature of a Cuban chain is the flat, interlocking, twisted oval links.

What type of chain will not pull hair?

The majority of good Sterling Silver Ball Bead Chains are made with solid, round, smooth highly polished links. The nature of the surface lack any gaps. As a result of this the links have no where to hook onto.