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What charities does the NFL support?

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The NFL Foundation has helped our most prominent causes by lending its support to the nation’s most respected organizations, such as the American Cancer Society through our annual Cancer Awareness initiative, Crucial Catch, military nonprofits such as Wounded Warrior Project, The Pat Tillman Foundation, T.A.P.S., the

What NFL team donated the most to charity?

The Denver Broncos lead the NFL in giving back to their communities – Mile High Report.

What companies does the NFL sponsor?

NFL sponsors Nike, Pepsi and Bose scored highly in a key business metric during the 2022 Super Bowl, according to an early version of in-game media valuations seen by CNBC. The brands’ logos were among those that scored millions of dollars in media exposure during Super Bowl 56, according to the data.

How does the NFL help?

With more than $360 million to youth health and fitness through PLAY 60 programming, grants and awareness campaigns, the NFL, its 32 clubs and its PLAY 60 partners have provided more than 38 million children the resources they need to boost their activity levels by supporting programs in over 73,000 schools and …

What has the NFL done for social justice?

Through #InspireChange, the NFL has committed $250M to social justice causes over the next 10 years.
The league has outlined four pillars of the inspire change platform to help guide its efforts:

  • Education.
  • Criminal justice reform.
  • Police-community relations.
  • Economic advancement.

Who is the most generous NFL player?

Warrick Dunn is probably the most charitable player out there. His mother was killed while working her second job in an armed robbery. Since joining the NFL, Dunn made it his mission to provide support for single parents so they don’t have to go out and get second jobs.

How much does Tom Brady donate?

Tom Brady’s charity work for Best Buddies does not end with just donations. Brady is one of the main contributors to the organization. He has raised $46.5 million for this charity over the past 20 years. For 16 years, Brady served as an honorary co-chair for an annual bike, running and walking event.

Is Coke an NFL sponsor?

While Pepsi is the league’s official soft drink sponsor, Coca-Cola serves as a partner with 14 NFL teams, including the Atlanta Falcons.

Who are the top NFL sponsors?

In 2021, the sponsorship spending on the league has risen to a whopping $1.62 billion.
Though the NFL has 41 league-level sponsors in the new season, we will be taking a look at those who gave more in this section.

  • Verizon. …
  • Caesars, Draftkings, and FanDuel. …
  • Anheuser-Busch InBev. …
  • Nike. …
  • Pepsi.

How much does Gatorade pay the NFL?

The Gatorade deal will pay the NFL more than $45 million annually over the next eight years, according to a league source. That doesn’t include $16 million a year in guaranteed marketing commitments and $1.2 million per year to supply the league’s teams with Gatorade, the source said.

What percentage of the NFL is black in 2021?

National Football League Statistics by Race

The percentage of Black or African-American NFL players reached 57.5%, Whites 24.9%, Hispanics or Latinos 0.4%, Asians 0.1%, Pacific Islanders 1.6%, and American Indian 0.2%. 9.4% of players identified as two or more races.

Is NFL Play 60 a nonprofit organization?


NFL teams are working with private, non-profit and government partners in their communities and are committed to making the next generation of youth the most active and healthy.

Why are NFL logos on hats blacked out?

NFL coaches, officials will also wear patches to remember victims of systemic racism this season. As NFL players wear decals on their helmets to remember victims of systemic racism, more than 225 NFL coaches will also be joining with patches of their own.

What does the NFL Beanie say?

The hat will feature social justice inspired messaging “Justice, Opportunity, Equity, Freedom” and will also be sold at retail, including NewEraCap.com, NFLShop.com, and Fanatics, with 100% of the league’s proceeds being donated to Inspire Change grant recipients.

What is written on back of NFL helmets?

The N.F.L. will allow players to display messages of social justice on their helmets and will stencil the slogans “It Takes All of Us” and “End Racism” on the end zones at every field as part of an effort to show solidarity with the protest movements against racism and police brutality, league officials said.

What is the percentage of white football players in the NFL?

Meanwhile, white players make up 24.9% of the NFL while comprising 60.1% of the population. Latino players represent just 0.4% of all NFL players but are 18.5% of the country’s total. Asian players represent only 0.1% of all NFL players while accounting for 5.9% of the population.

What is the whitest NFL team?

The Whitest Team in the NFL Isn’t What You Would Expect (Or Maybe It Is) The Philadelphia Eagles — and by a huge margin. The team’s roster consists of 25 white dudes. According to “Unofficial 2014 Player Census” compiled by the Best Tickets blog, the Texans are the only other team that has even 20.

What is the whitest position in football?

Despite a nearly 50-50 split along the offensive line, at center more than 81 percent of the players are white. Conversely, cornerback is the blackest position on the field: 99.4 percent of players are African-American.

What race buys the most NFL tickets?

RealGM Wiretap. Seventy percent of African-American men comprise NFL rosters despite representing only six percent of the United States’ population. While the majority of NFL players are black, the NFL fan base is 83 percent white and 64 percent male.

Which sport has the largest white fan base?

The NHL audience is the richest of all professional sports. One-third of its viewers make more than $100k, compared to about 19 percent of the general population. Nascar’s audience has the highest share of women (37 percent) and highest share of white people (94 percent).

What NFL team has the most Hispanic fans?

The Rams are one of the NFL teams with the highest percentages of Hispanic fans. Compared to the St. Louis Rams 2015 season, Rams fans today are 7.5x more likely to be of Hispanic origin.

What country watches the most NFL?

there are nearly 4x as many NFL fans in the rest of the world as there are in America. Look at the figures on a country-by- country basis and its obvious popularity in some other markets is clear to see. While the US understandably tops the table, more than 50% in both Mexico and India also describe themselves as fans.

What percent of NFL fans are white?

Back to that earlier stat, while the NFL has 70 percent Black players, their fan base is 83 percent white.

What is Europe’s favorite NFL team?

The Buffalo Bills are the top team in 19 countries, including Slovakia, Belgium and Italy. This could be put down to Josh Allen’s impressive performance recently, bringing more visibility to this team not just in the USA, but across the globe as well.

Is the NFL big outside of the US?

American Football has a considerable fan base outside the United States. According to Global Web Index, Mexico, Brazil and Canada all have sizable NFL audiences of 23.3, 19.7 and 7.21 million people respectively. For more information, visit the Independent.

Do Mexicans watch American football?

Today, this sport still thrives in Hispanic communities; however, another sport is winning the hearts of many Hispanics – the NFL. Given the high rate of US Born Latinos, and the number of young Latinos under the age of 30, it’s not surprising that football is starting to get a larger audience.

Do Germans watch the NFL?

The country has emerged as a major market for the game, with an estimated 19 million NFL fans residing in Germany. Weekly viewership on partners ProSieben and DAZN has grown by more than 20 percent annually since 2017, while Super Bowl LV marked the third consecutive season of record German Super Bowl viewership.

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