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What are the relationships between the salinity temperature and density of seawater?

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Asked by: Laurel Bartlett

The density of water increases as the salinity increases. The density of seawater (salinity greater than 24.7) increases as temperature decreases at all temperatures above the freezing point. The density of seawater is increased by increasing pressure.

What is the relationship between salinity salt and density?

Salinity Affects Density

When salt is dissolved in fresh water, the density of the water increases because the mass of the water increases.

How do temperature and salinity affect the density of the ocean?

Ocean water gets more dense as temperature goes down. So, the colder the water, the more dense it is. Increasing salinity also increases the density of sea water. Less dense water floats on top of more dense water.

What is the relationship between the temperature salinity and density of water and how variations in these properties generate ocean currents?

Water density is affected by the temperature, salinity (saltiness), and depth of the water. The colder and saltier the ocean water, the denser it is. The greater the density differences between different layers in the water column, the greater the mixing and circulation.

What is the relationship between temperature and density?

The relation between density and temperature is inversely proportional. Change in density will be reflected in a change in temperature and vise-versa.

What is the relationship between temperature and density quizlet?

As the temperature increases, results in a decrease in density. Likewise, when the temperature goes down, the density becomes greater.

How temperature affects the salinity of seawater?

Increases in temperatures of surrounding entities like ice and an increase in precipitation adds fresh water into the sea, which lower salinity. Seawater with lower salinity is lighter in density and won’t sink as much as denser water.

Do salinity and density have a direct or inverse relationship?

Recall that temperature and density have an inverse relationship – as temperature decreases, density increases, while salinity and density have a direct relationship – as salinity increases, density also increases.