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What are the conjugations for SER?

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Asked by: Chase Webb

Ser in the Indicative Present

Pronoun Spanish English
Yo soy I am
eres you are
Ella / Él / Usted es s/he is , you (formal) are
Nosotras / Nosotros somos we are

What are the 6 conjugations of ser?

Futuro – Future Tense

  • yo seré – I will be.
  • tú serás – you will be.
  • vos serás – you (South American) will be.
  • él/ella/usted será – he/she/you (formal) will be.
  • nosotros/as seremos – we will be.
  • vosotros/as seréis – you (plural) will be.
  • ustedes serán – you (plural) will be.
  • ellos/as serán – they will be.

What are the 10 forms of Ser?

Present Indicative

Yo soy somos
eres sois
Usted/El/Ella es son

What are the 5 forms of Ser?

Terms in this set (5)

  • Yo. soy. I am.
  • Tú eres. You are (own age group)
  • El/Ella/Ud. es. He/She/It is.
  • Ellos/Ellas/Uds. son. They are.
  • Nosotros. somos. We are.

What are the six forms of ser in the imperfect?

The verb ser (conjugation) means ” be”. It is completely irregular in the imperfect tense.
Ser imperfect conjugation.

yo era I used to be
Ud./él/ella era you/he/she used to be
nosotros/as éramos we used to be
vosotros/as erais you guys used to be
Uds./ellos/ellas eran you all/they used to be

How do you conjugate ser for ustedes?

Let’s review our conjugation of ser in the present simple.
Lesson Summary.

Subject Pronouns Ser Conjugation: Present Simple
él/ella/usted es
nosotros/nosotras somos
vosotros/vosotras sois
ellos/ellas/ustedes son

How do I use ser?

When to Use Ser

  1. Use Ser When Describing People or Things. Ser is used for both physical descriptions and character descriptions or personality traits. …
  2. Use Ser to Describe a Person’s Occupation. …
  3. Use Ser to Talk About Relationships. …
  4. Use Ser to Talk About Possession. …
  5. Use Ser to Talk About the Time.