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What are club seats at Autzen Stadium?

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The Club at Autzen is an exclusive seating area located within select rows of sections 29-33 along the South side of the stadium. These seats are perfectly situated along the sideline at the best height for seeing the entire field.

What are club seats at a football game?

Club-level seating is normally bought on a contract basis to allow for maximum profit on the part of the venue. The club level provides fans with special access to an indoor part of the venue exclusive to fans with special tickets.

Where are the best seats at Autzen Stadium?

South Sideline Seating

Without a doubt, the best seats at Autzen Stadium are located along the South sideline in sections 29-33. Many of these seats are chairback, part of the Autzen Club, or both. These seats also have the advantage of being on the less-sunny side of the field.

What are club seats at a soccer game?

Clubs and Suites at soccer stadiums are typically going to be under some kind of cover, or inside a part of the stadium that is temperature-controlled. Furthermore, these sections usually give fans access to a large indoor club that will have upscale food and beverage options.

Why is Autzen Stadium so loud?

With the 90-acre site full of bedrock, the locally sourced infill builds up around Autzen, encasing the state’s largest sports venue in earth and sinking the field, which also adds a noise-retaining benefit.

Are club level seats better than lower level?

Club level has Club atmosphere whereas lower level has the live feeling. The crowd is much more intense in the lower level. The club has lounges and a more family to suits would gather. Don’t get me wrong club seats are fantastic but I would always take the lower level if given the choice.

What is the difference between club seating and luxury seating?

Most modern stadiums use ‘club’ and ‘luxury’ wording when talking about premium seating. The main difference between the two is that club seating is open to the elements. Luxury seating includes a roof and usually insulated windows and doors to keep you away from the weather.

What is Charter box at Autzen Stadium?

The Charter Box is located on the North side of Autzen Stadium above sections 9-13. These special indoor seats offer an open air experience for Oregon football. The Charter Box level includes stadium seating, concessions, restrooms, multiple televisions, elevator access and more.

Where is the away section in Autzen Stadium?

Where is the Ducks Sideline at Autzen Stadium? The Ducks Sideline home bench is located in front of Section 10, Section 11, Section 12 and the away team bench is in front of Section 30, Section 31, Section 32.

Is Autzen Stadium the loudest in the nation?

While other schools boast stadiums with capacities of 80,000 to over 100,000, Oregon’s Autzen Stadium has an official capacity of only 57,000. It is without a doubt, the loudest per capita college football stadium in the country.

How loud is Autzen?

127 decibels

Autzen’s fan noise is one of the loudest in the nation. In a 2007 game against USC, it ranked fourth in college football history with a deafening 127 decibels, which slots in behind LSU’s Tiger Stadium, Clemson’s Death Valley and Washington’s Husky Stadium.

Why is it called Autzen Stadium?

You might say that Autzen Stadium at the University of Oregon owes its name to plywood. It is named in honor of Thomas John Autzen, a second-generation Portland lumberman who ushered in the age of plywood. Born on June 30, 1888, Autzen grew up in Hoquiam, Washington.

What does it never do at Autzen Stadium?

You may have heard or voiced along to a signature line, “It never rains in Autzen Stadium.” And while your mind may wander to the monsoon game vs. Cal in 2015 or another rainy college football Saturday afternoon in Oregon, this expression has absolutely nothing to do with the weather.

What is the largest stadium in the world?

The Top-10 Largest Sports Stadiums

Stadium capacity
1 Narendra Modi Stadium 132,000
2 Rungrado May Day Stadium 114,000
3 Michigan Stadium 107,601
4 Beaver Stadium 106,572

What’s the loudest stadium in college football?

A ranking of the 50 “loudest” college football stadiums of all-time was released on Tuesday. LSU checks in at No. 1, followed by Penn State, Texas A&M, Washington and Tennessee.

What is the richest college football team?

Texas Tied for Richest College Football Program

  • Texas (Tie) – $147.
  • Texas A&M (Tie) – $147M.
  • Michigan – $139M.
  • Alabama – $134M.
  • Ohio State – $132M.
  • Oklahoma – $129M.
  • Georgia – $125M.
  • Notre Dame $120M.

What is the most intimidating college football stadiums?

  • 10 Toughest College Football Stadiums to Play In. David Kenyon Invalid Date.
  • 10 Toughest College Football Stadiums to Play In. 0 of 11. …
  • Beaver Stadium. 2 of 11. …
  • Ben Hill Griffin Stadium. 3 of 11. …
  • Michigan Stadium. 4 of 11. …
  • Gaylord Family Oklahoma Memorial Stadium. 5 of 11. …
  • Camp Randall Stadium. 6 of 11. …
  • Memorial Stadium. 7 of 11.
  • Who has the best fans in college football?

    Ranking the Top 25 fan bases in college football

    1. LSU. You go down to Baton Rouge on Saturday night, you feel lucky to escape with your soul, much less a healthy (or even less victorious) football team.
    2. Ohio State. …
    3. Alabama. …
    4. Michigan. …
    5. Clemson. …
    6. Oklahoma. …
    7. Georgia. …
    8. Notre Dame. …

    Who has the craziest college football fans?

    1. Ohio State. Ohio State: For diehard Buckeyes fans, it’s called “The Ohio State University,” and they won’t let you forget it.

    Who has the most loyal fans in college football?

    Here are the 16 most loyal fan bases:

    1. Nebraska. The Huskers don’t have nearly the same amount of recent success as most of the teams behind them on this list.
    2. 2 Ohio State. The Buckeyes are one of the top teams in the country on a yearly basis. …
    3. Alabama. …
    4. Georgia. …
    5. Michigan. …
    6. Notre Dame. …
    7. Oklahoma. …
    8. Clemson. …

    What is the largest college football fan base?

    The Biggest Fan Bases in College Football

    • Texas.
    • Alabama.
    • Ohio State.
    • Notre Dame.
    • Florida.
    • Michigan.
    • USC.
    • Oklahoma.

    What college holds the most fans?

    The 25 largest college football stadiums in the United States:

    1 Michigan 107,601
    2 Penn State 106,572
    3 Ohio State 102,780
    4 Texas A&M 102,733

    What college football team sells the most tickets?

    Thanks to Notre Dame, UGA leads the Nation in prices for 2019 College Football tickets.

    Who has more fans Auburn or Alabama?

    The result? Alabama leads with about a little more than half of the survey’s Alabama-based respondents choosing the Crimson Tide and about a third choosing Auburn. Nearly three-quarters of the survey respondents, about 3,400, were from inside Alabama’s borders.

    Is Alabama a better school than Auburn?

    An analysis by WalletHub ranks the University of Alabama as the best college or university in the state. It ranks Auburn number 9 in the state, just behind Alabama-Huntsville.

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