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What are all the weightlifting plate/disc types, and what are their uses?

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Asked by: Andrea Lewis

What are the different plate weights?

Commonly available plates with kilogram denominations are 1.25, 2.5, 5, 10, 15, and 20 kilograms, with 0.5, 7.5, and 25 kilogram plates less commonly seen. Common Olympic (2-inch center hole) plate denominations are 2.5, 5, 10, 25, 35, and 45 lbs, with 1.25 and 100 pound discs less commonly seen.

What are the different types of bumper plates?

Technique Plates

They commonly come in 2.5, 3.75 and 5-kilogram plates, as well as 5 and 10-pound versions. If you’re learning Olympic lifting, the technique plates hone your form, with a light load on the bar, while still feeling plates on the bar. Usually, a pair will suffice, two at most.

What plates do they use in powerlifting?

Iron or steel plates are most commonly used in powerlifting and are also called powerlifting discs. Although they are susceptible to rust, they won’t chip or break easily. Unlike bumper plates, metal plates can’t be dropped from overhead.

What are two lifting plates?

Typically, they will be referring to the 20kg, or a 45lbs plate, as well as including the weight of the Olympic barbell. Two plates each side is 100kg, or roughly 225lbs in total weight, which is calculated by adding up the weight of the Olympic barbell, the two plates on the left side and two plates on the right side.

How do I choose a weight plate?

So the core difference is between this two he is first off the quality. And the style of it generally do is to produce them. So you can see here this one is actually a heavier weight.

What weight are blue plates?


The color coding of the KG Training Plates makes them easy to identify at a glance, helping athletes, trainers, and coaches run more efficient workouts. Red = 25KG, Blue = 20KG, Yellow = 15KG, and Green = 10KG.

What are bumper plates used for?

Popular with competition weight lifters and CrossFit enthusiasts, bumper plates are dense rubber weights designed to protect your floor when dropped from a distance, such as during deadlifts, snatches, and clean and jerk exercises.

What does 3 plates weigh?

Two plates most often means two 45-pound plates per side of the bar, which including the weight of the Olympic barbell gives you a total weight of 225 pounds. What is this? Three plates, again, usually means three plates per side. Plus 45-pounds (which is how heavy the barbell weighs) gives you a total of 315 pounds.

How many plates is 225 bench press?

4 Plates 225 lbs. 6 Plates 315 lbs.

How many plates is 300 lbs?

14 plates

Using the starter set assortment I listed above, in order to load up 300 lbs., you’d need to put 14 plates on the bar. That’s a giant pain in the ass. It would be much easier to use 4 x 45 lb.

How much weight is a plate and a 35?

Bar + 35’s = 115 lbs. Bar + 45’s = 135 lbs. Bar + 2 45’s = 225. Bar + 3 45’s = 315.

How much does the average guy bench press?

Statistics show that the average, untrained man should be able to bench press at least 135 pounds.

Testing Yourself.

Age Three-rep maximum weight
20-29 100% of your body weight
30-39 90% of your body weight
40-49 80% of your body weight
50-59 75% of your body weight

How much can a gorilla bench press?

4,000 lb

A Silverback gorilla can lift 4,000 lb (1,810 kg) on a bench press, while a well-trained man can only lift up to 885 lb (401.5 kg. Research shows that a gorilla can lift up to 27 times their full body weight.

How much should a 17 year old bench?

What Is The Average Bench Press For A 17 Year Old? The average bench for a male 17-year-old is 1.2 times bodyweight. The average bench for a female 17-year-old is 0.8 times bodyweight.

What is a good bench press for a 16 year old?

The average bench press for a 16-year-old male is 1.2 times bodyweight. The average press bench for a 16-year-old female is 0.8 times bodyweight.

Is 225 a good bench for a 15 year old?

Although it’s unlikely that your teen would have five years of lifting experience — the amount of time it typically takes to be considered advanced — by the time he or she is 15, it’s possible. At this level, your 15-year-old-boy could be expected to bench 225 to 255 if he weighs between 140 and 160 pound.

How many people can bench 315?

Female Standards

Odds of being able to perform the lift Bench Press Squat
1:100,000 225 365
1:1,000,000 275 450
1:1,000,000,000 315 585
One on the planet 400 700

What is the world record bench press for a 15 year old?

15-Year-Old Mahailya Reeves Bench Pressed A Record-Breaking 360 Pounds. Watch this 15-year-old girl bench press 360 pounds, breaking a state record.

Whats the most a girl has benched?

On July 17-18, 2021, the 2021 Metal Militia (MM) National Power Lifting Invitational took place at the Bayfront Convention Center in Erie, PA. Competing in the +90-kilogram weight class, powerlifter Rae-Ann Coughenour-Miller scored the heaviest female bench press of all time — 274.4 kilograms (605 pounds).

Whats the most a girl has ever benched?

Niagara County woman breaks record for women’s all-time heaviest bench press with 605 lbs. lift. BARKER, N.Y. (WIVB) – Rae-Ann Miller says breaking the women’s all-time bench press record was a “weight off of her shoulders”.

What’s the heaviest someone has benched?

The heaviest bench press in a single lift is 401.5 kg (885 lbs 2 oz) achieved by Blaine Sumner (b. 22 June 1987; USA) at the 2016 Arnold Sports Festival held in Columbus, Ohio, USA, on . Blaine also squat-lifted 500 kg during the competition.

How much can Batman deadlift?

Batman has lifted giant beams weighing around 800 to 1000 pounds (or more) without any extra help.

What Can Tyson Fury bench press?

During training camp he posted several videos on social media of him bench-pressing, wildly celebrating as he broke his personal bests. “I’m bench pressing a little over 350 [pounds] so … it won’t be none of that rushing me and putting his weight on me and different things like that,” said Wilder.