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What are administrative controls OSHA?

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Asked by: Barbara Rodriguez

While safe work practices can be considered forms of administrative controls, OSHA uses the term administrative controls to mean other measures aimed at reducing employee exposure to hazards. These measures include additional relief workers, exercise breaks and rotation of workers.

What are administrative controls examples?

Some examples of administrative controls include:

  • Giving workers longer rest periods or shorter work shifts to reduce exposure time;
  • Moving a hazardous work process to an area where fewer people will be exposed;
  • Changing a work process to a shift when fewer people are working;

What is administrative control system?

Administrative controls are training, procedure, policy, or shift designs that lessen the threat of a hazard to an individual. Administrative controls typically change the behavior of people (e.g., factory workers) rather than removing the actual hazard or providing personal protective equipment (PPE).

What is administrative control vs engineering control?

Engineering controls might include changing the weight of objects, changing work surface heights, or purchasing lifting aids. Administrative controls are workplace policy, procedures, and practices that minimize the exposure of workers to risk conditions.

What are two broad categories of administrative controls?

Administrative Controls

  • Warning signs, labels, and alarms.
  • Procedure changes.
  • Company policy.
  • Employee training.

What are the three administrative controls?

When necessary, methods of administrative control include: Restricting access to a work area. Restricting the task to only those competent or qualified to perform the work. Scheduling maintenance and other high exposure operations for times when few workers are present (such as evenings, weekends).

What are the six different administrative controls used to secure personnel?

The different functionalities of security controls are preventive, detective, corrective, deterrent, recovery, and compensating.

Are Signs administrative controls?

Administrative controls are used to direct people to work in a safe manner. They include procedures, warning signs and labels, and training.