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Training Plan for High School 3-5km cross-country Run?

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Asked by: Chelsea Terrones

How do you train for a 5K cross country?

For your recovery intervals, go at an easy pace, which means a slow jog or walking:

  1. Warm up: 5-minute easy jog including 1–3 30-second accelerations (strides)
  2. Run: 30-second sprint at 5K pace.
  3. Recover: 1 minute at an easy pace.
  4. Repeat: Do the run/recover cycle for a total of 20 minutes.
  5. Cooldown: 5-minute easy jog.

What is a good time for cross country 5K?

The average finishing time was 16:40, but the average first mile was 5:05 or roughly 15:47 pace.

How do you run a 5K faster cross country?

Training. Along with running more you really need to be focused on recovering. And eating right because if you're running a lot more than your body is being taxed more you're burning more calories.

How many days a week should a cross country runner run?

Many of you desire to know “the secret” to becoming a great cross-country runner. The secret is very simple. YOU MUST RUN 6-7 DAYS A WEEK ON A CONSISTENT BASIS.

How do cross country runners train for high school?

This microcycle allows three workouts to push endurance, three to use a speed component, and two to three using resistance.

Structuring the 14-Workout Week in High School Cross Country.

Monday AM Easy 2-3 and circuit weights. (Base)
Friday PM Easy 4-5 fartlek. (Base-Recovery)
Saturday AM Race. (Speed-Endurance)
Saturday PM Easy 2-3. (Recovery)
Sunday AM Rest. (Recovery)

What is the fastest way to get in shape for XC?

Here are the steps you should take in order to get the best cross country running workout available:

  1. Start Cross Country Training Early. …
  2. Train With a Group of Cross Country Runners. …
  3. Run Consistent Mileage During Cross Country Runs. …
  4. Increase Your Cross Country Mileage After Three Weeks. …
  5. Use Cross Country Speed Work.

What is a good 5K time for a 15 year old?

Everyday runners can aim to complete a mile in about 9 to 12 minutes. This means you’ll finish a 5K in about 28 to 37 minutes. Walkers can expect to complete a mile in about 15 to 20 minutes.

What 5K time is D1?

Division 1 track and field recruiting standards

Event D1 Top D1 Low
800m 1:47.14 1:58.49
1500m 3:45.75 4:16.77
1600m 4:05.89 4:27.80
5K XC 13:58.20 15:52

What is a respectable 5K time?

Running Level, which calculates running times based on age and ability, says that a good 5k time for a man is 22:31, and a good 5k time for a woman is 26:07.

How many miles should a high school cross country runner run?

Based on what several athletes and coaches have told me, a good “high-mileage” number to shoot for in high school is 45 to 60 miles per week for girls and 60 to 75 miles for boys.

How many miles do cross country runners run in high school?

3.1 miles

Cross-country is a team running sport that takes place in the fall on a measured 5000 meter (3.1 miles) High School course or 2 mile course for the Jr. High over varied surfaces and terrain.

How do high school runners train distance?


  1. Start with easy runs and aerobic threshold runs.
  2. Slowly increase the duration (5-7 minutes longer each week)
  3. Progression runs to build intensity slowly.
  4. Add lactate threshold training after 3-4 weeks.

Which type of training method is used by cross country runners?

Fartlek Training Method Fartlek is a training method that blends continuous training with interval training. It is a form of speed training that can be. effective in improving an individual’s speed and endurance. Many runners, especially beginners enjoy fartlek training because it involves speed work.

How do you run cross country without getting tired?

When you're running at an easy pace you should be able to breathe in gently for three strides. And breathe out gently for three strides. Without losing control of your breathing.

Is cross country harder than track?

Not really. Track has the merits of consistency and variety, while cross-country pulls ahead in difficulty and team bonding. Both are extremely important aspects of a successful running program, so while we all have our favorite season, I encourage you to try out them both!

Does running cross country Hurt speed?

Many coaches ask, “Should sprinters run cross country?” You will hear some power/speed gurus quickly say unequivocally “NO!” because it will have a negative effect on an athletes speed qualities.

What should you eat before cross country practice?

Bread/toast, bagel, peanut butter, fruit without skin (banana), pulp-free fruit juice or sports drink for a pre-race breakfast. Rice, pasta, lean meat, starchy vegetables, fruits for “carbo-loading” at least three days before the race. For hydration, drink 500 to 700 ml of fluid about three hours before the race.

Do you need spikes for cross country?

Are spikes mandatory? A person does not need cross country spikes to compete in a cross country meet. But a runner, especially a new runner, needs a good pair of training shoes. These shoes will be worn everyday at practice and most of their running will be done in these shoes.