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Titanium seatpost in steel seat tube, good idea?

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Asked by: Mike Ringgold

Can you put a carbon seatpost in a steel frame?

Condensed answer: A carbon seat post can be installed in a steel frame but has to be covered in a thin layer of carbon assembly paste. The carbon assembly paste serves two purposes – it increases the friction between the seat post and the seat tube while also protecting the parts from corrosion.

Is it worth upgrading to carbon seatpost?

Almost all carbon seatposts performed better than the aluminium or titanium options. – Straight seatposts (carbon, titanium & aluminium) are worse at damping shock than setback seatposts.

Does a carbon fiber seatpost make a difference?

They can also help make your bike a lot comfier too. Imagine the difference in ride-quality between a basic aluminium and a good carbon frame. It’s no surprise that swapping an alloy seatpost for a more flexible carbon one will both save weight and also add comfort where it’s often badly needed.

What are offset seatposts for?

A seatpost with offset is necessary when the seat tube angle of the frame is too steep to give the desired saddle setback (the horizontal distance between a plumb line hung from the nose of the saddle and the bottom bracket spindle). Conversely, an “in line” post may be required if the seat tube angle is too slack.

Should I grease a carbon seatpost in a carbon frame?

You should absolutely grease your seatpost (unless it is carbon fiber).

Do you grease a carbon seatpost?

Quote from video: Well a lot of times there's nothing in there and we're really not too worried about this getting jammed metal on carbon. The only time I use carbon paste is if I tighten it up to the proper torque.

Can you put a carbon seatpost in an Aluminium frame?

Condensed answer: Before installing a carbon seat post in an aluminum frame, it’s recommended to apply a thin film of carbon assembly paste on the seat post and inside the seat tube to facilitate installation, adjustment, and removal.

Do carbon seatposts break?

carbon seatposts not only break from being run very high, but also from being run low, because the flex is in in a smaller area, i had an easton post do this.It wasn’t a catastrophic failure just a crack. I’d leave the carbon posts on the road bike and stick with a 7075 or 7005 mtb post, two bolt.

How long do carbon seatposts last?

For example, Canyon recommends that you replace their carbon handlebars and seatposts every 3 years. They also recommend that you replace their carbon forks every 6 years or after a crash.

How do I choose a bike seat post?

A key factor is the diameter of the seat post. This must directly match the internal diameter of the seat tube of your frame. The majority of modern seat posts are 27.2mm, 30.9mm or 31.6mm wide, with the latter often described as oversized. Older frames may have slightly thinner diameters (eg.

Do I need carbon paste for seatpost?

Carbon grease/paste is often recommended as a way to reduce tightening torque on handlebars, stems and seatposts while reducing the chance of slipping.

Is carbon more comfortable than Aluminium?

Carbon does naturally absorb vibrations and shock better than Aluminium due to its material properties. However, frame material is going to make less of an impact on your comfort than other factors such as tire pressure, fit and geometry, your seat, and handlebar positioning.

Does grease harm carbon fiber?

Quote from video: Like the one that says that you can't put grease on it it's a myth. If. You have a bear carbon fiber headset cup you can use normal grease if you want same goes for seat posts and bottom brackets.

How do I stop my carbon seatpost seizing?

During your maintenance, one of the most important things you can do for the life of your frame is to make sure that your seatpost is not seized. Removing the post, cleaning it and the seattube, then applying a thin coat of grease or carbon paste will prevent seizing.

How do I stop my carbon seatpost from creaking?

Quote from video: If its carbon fiber then use fiber grip. And if it's a metal post. Going into a metal frame then you want to use anti-seize. Or grease pop.

Are carbon seatposts safe on MTB?

Registered. If the carbon post is installed correctly (not over-max extended and not over-tightened at the clamp), you should be just fine. All assuming you aren’t King Kong harsh on it riding. Keep a regular eye on it for developing potential trouble.

Is a suspension seatpost worth it?

A suspension seatpost is a great comfort upgrade, as it will both absorb bigger hits, as well as dampen vibrations coming up from the road. This essentially means you’ll feel fresher at the end of a long ride. For anything slow and off-road, you cannot beat a spring-damped seatpost.

How much weight do carbon handlebars save?

Carbon vs Alloy Handlebars in Theory

First of all, carbon weighs less. So, if you’re really going hard with the weight weenie thing, there are some benefits to carbon — roughly 100g of benefits. Compound that with your wallet getting roughly $100 lighter, and we’re talking about nearly a quarter pound of gains.

Do carbon fiber handlebars make a difference?

One of the most obvious benefits to carbon handlebars is just how lightweight they are. Carbon handlebars can be just as strong as aluminum bars and weight much less. Some of the handlebars below weigh almost half as much as the aluminum bars they compete against.

How long do carbon bars last?

If you’re a big hucker who never crashes or never moves anything you could easily get five years out of a carbon DH bar. If you’re a skinny, cross-country rider who travels, tweaks his position, changes parts or takes frequent little diggers you might only two years out of your bars.

Do carbon bars reduce vibration?

Vibration Damping

Carbon components are known for absorbing vibrations better than aluminum. Many people report great improvement upon switching from an aluminum seat post to a carbon one. However, the perceivable effect is smaller when it comes to handlebars.