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Sram cranksets, are there differences other than weights betwen models?

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Asked by: Christy Bailey

Are all cranksets compatible?

Crankset compatibility. You can replace the chainrings on your crankset, but not all chainrings will fit all cranks. First, different cranksets may have a different number of arms or direct-mount interfaces (connecting the cranks to the chainrings), and they may be positioned differently.

How do I know what crankset fits my bike?

How to measure crank length? Crank length is measured from the centre of the bottom bracket axle to the centre of the pedal axle. If you’re not sure what length the cranks on your bike are, the quickest way of finding out is typically to just look at the backside of your cranks, just below the pedal axle.

Are crank arms universal?

No, cranks are not generally always interchangeable, but you probably can transplant the crank from the broken bike. First, do both bikes have 6, 7 or 8 sprockets in the rear cluster? If so, they use the same chain width and the spacing between the chainrings will be the same.

Does SRAM crankset work with Shimano?

Yes, you can use a SRAM crankset with Shimano. The two companies use different designs for their cranksets, but they are compatible. You will need to use a SRAM bottom bracket with a SRAM crankset, and you will need to use a Shimano bottom bracket with a Shimano crankset.

Can I put a bigger crankset on my bike?

Yes, you can. This will make it suitable for diverse terrains and make pedaling easier. Putting a smaller chainring on your road bike isn’t a problem but you may have to change your crankset.

How do I know if my bottom bracket is compatible?

Quote from video: Inspect inside the shell of the frame. If the frame shell is smooth on the inside it is a press fit shell. The bottom bracket is a thread together style bottom bracket which has its own video here.

Will shorter cranks help my knees?

Pain is relieved. Just by installing shorter crank arms, without any other adjustment, the knee at maximum flexion is lowered by 7.5 mm. That difference provides approximately 3° to 4° of relief.

Does crankset make a difference?

Absolutely! The main purpose of upgrading your crankset is for performance improvement and that means adjusting or replacing the crankset to get an improved experience. So yes, the crankset is always worth upgrading.

Do all cranks fit all bottom brackets?

In general terms, most cranksets can be fitted to a variety of bottom bracket shells, though much of this compatibility depends upon the availability of suitable hardware (see next section). Any incompatibilities that do arise are often related to the length and/or diameter of the crank axle.

Can you mix crank arms?

generally, yes. The early days of Stages had people mixing different crank arms together, different colors sometimes, different Q factors too. This might be obvious, but just to put it here – the crank interfaces need to match, you can’t just put two different ones together.

What is a 50 34 crankset?

Compact chainset

A compact chainset has a 50-tooth outer chainring and a 34-tooth inner chainring. This means that the gears are lower (easier to turn, but they’ll progress you a shorter distance per pedal revolution) than you get with a 53/39 chainset (above) with the same cassette.

Can you use a mountain bike crankset on a road bike?

Condensed answer: It’s possible to install an MTB crankset on a road frame. The conversion will require an MTB bottom bracket because MTB cranks have a longer spindle/axle.

What size chainring is best for climbing?

Mountain bike chainrings are available in smaller sizes all the way down to 26t, though I’d recommend most riders try a 30t or 28t first to experience how much easier it is to climb. For gravel bikes, I wouldn’t recommend going any smaller than 38t to maintain top-end speed on downhills.

How much difference does 2 teeth on chainring make?

In this size range two teeth in the front is about the same as one tooth in the back. It’s a very small change but sometimes it’s just that small difference that tips the scale in your favour.

What size cassette is best for hill climbing?

Your best bet, especially if you’re a slightly heavier cyclist and you have trouble keeping up on hills, is to install a rear cassette that has a large cog size of 34 or 36. With that option available for climbing, those ascents will be much easier to handle.

Can you use any crankset on fixie?

You can make almost any crankset work for a singlespeed. Your frame needs to have horizontal dropouts so that you can tension the chain. Or you can use a chain tensioner, which is essentially the spring part of a rear derailleur. Looks like the San Jose has horizontal drops, so you’re fine.

Can you mix crank arms?

generally, yes. The early days of Stages had people mixing different crank arms together, different colors sometimes, different Q factors too. This might be obvious, but just to put it here – the crank interfaces need to match, you can’t just put two different ones together.

Can I change my crankset?

Replacing a crankset on your road bike is a job you can easily do yourself. It may seem complicated, but it really isn’t. For this occasion we mounted the brand new Shimano Ultegra Stages double-sided power meter. The steps are exactly the same as for replacing a normal Shimano crankset.

Can I use 9 speed crankset with 10 speed cassette?

A nine speed crank set will work with a 10 speed drive train. However it’s not all plain sailing. You can have trouble using a 10 speed FD with a 9 speed crank set. It doesn’t shift as far out as the 9 speed so you may experience sloppy changes to the outer ring and chain rub against the FD in some gears.

Can I run a 10 speed chain on a 9 speed chainring?

Been using 10 speed shimano chain with 9 speed shimano rings for the last couple of years, no issues to report, shifting no different to original 10 speed rings. Two bikes with 10 speed chains running on ‘9’ speed TA rings, both absolutely fine. 9 and 10 speed rings have exactly the same width teeth AFAIK.

Will a 9 speed crankset work with 8 speed?

Yes, there are no complications with running a 9 speed crankset on an 8 speed drivetrain.