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Shimano LinkGlide (durable range) cassette/chain compatibility with non-LinkGlide derailleur

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Asked by: John Wiley

Is Linkglide compatible with Hyperglide?

Shimano’s existing Hyperglide chains are compatible with Linkglide though, so you can run the ebike rated CN-HG601-11, CN-HG701-11 or CN-HG901-11 chains with Linkglide cassettes and mechs, as well as the “e-bike designed” CN-E8000-11 chain.

What is Shimano Linkglide?

The LINKGLIDE derailleurs feature SHIMANO SHADOW RD+ low profile design and chain stabilizing clutch mechanism for reduced chain slap. over bumpy terrain. Shimano DEORE XT LINKGLIDE Derailleur. – RD-M8130-SGS. – 1×11-speed.

What is deore Linkglide?

Developed to be robust but smooth, the new Shimano Deore & XT LinkGlide groups were developed to increase drivetrain durability for cycling disciplines that are already hard on components, but where a bit of extra weight wasn’t a huge concern, like e-bikes, leisure mountain bikes, commuter bikes, trekking bikes, and

Is deore compatible with XT?

Shimano’s new 12-speed Deore group is 1x only. And here’s perhaps the best part: All of these similarities mean that new Deore is fully cross-compatible with XTR, XT and SLX 12-speed components.

Are all Shimano Freehubs compatible?

Shimano Microspline freehub bodies are only compatible with Shimano 11 and 12-speed mountain bike cassettes that feature a 10T smallest sprocket. These wide-range cassettes will not fit any other freehub body, and similarly, no other cassette design (including Shimano 12-speed road) will fit a Microspline freehub body.

What is a Hyperglide chain?

Hyperglide is the name given by cycling component manufacturer Shimano to a sprocket design in their bicycle derailleur tooth cassette systems. It varies gear tooth profiles, and/or pins along the faces of freewheel or cassette sprockets, or between the chainrings in a crankset, to ease shifting between them.

What is Shimano Uniglide?

Uniglide ®

The oldest Shimano cassette sprockets used a “twist-tooth” design, called “Uniglide.” They had 9 identical splines (tabs) that would slide into matching grooves on the Freehub body. Spacer washers would fit between each pair of sprockets.

What is Microspline hub?

What is Micro Spline? Micro Spline is a new freehub standard that uses a 23-spline interface for Shimano’s 11- and 12-speed XTR cassettes.

How do I remove my HG cassette?

Quote from video: Turn the remover counterclockwise. Using a large adjustable wrench or a one inch wrench. The noises from the serrations. And the lock ring in the first cog.

How does Shimano Hyperglide work?

By adding ramps into the cassette shapes, the HYPERGLIDE system keeps the chain engaged with both cogs when shifting up from one to gear to the next. This leads to lighter, faster gear changes.

Are bike freehubs universal?

Though they may look similar, Shimano’s new 12-speed Dura-Ace freehubs and Micro Spline are different, and cassettes are not interchangeable across either system.

Are all Shimano 12-speed cassettes Micro spline?

Currently, Shimano only use Micro Spline for their mountain bike cassettes; namely, the XTR M9100, Deore XT M8100 and the SLX M7100, with the 10-tooth top cog.

Are all Shimano cassettes compatible?

Are all freewheels interchangeable?

No, freewheels are completely different from the cassette / free hub system and are not interchangeable. A freewheel includes the ratchet mechanism that allows the sprockets to rotate backwards as well as the sprockets themselves, and threads into the hub.

Are all freewheels compatible?

All freewheel hubs have the same thread and are compatible with single, 5, 6, 7 and maybe some 8 speed freewheels. Position of the hub is set by dishing of the wheel and spacers on the axle.

How do I know what Shimano freehub I have?

Knowing What Freehub You Need

  1. Determine the brand: Locate the brand of your existing cassette—most likely it is Shimano, SRAM, or Campagnolo.
  2. For a Campagnolo cassette, choose a Campy freehub.
  3. For a Shimano freehub, count the number of gears on the cassette. …
  4. For a SRAM freehub, count the number of gears.

Can I put an 11 speed freehub on a 10 speed wheel?

Quote from video: So the eleven speed will slide further in back over the freehub. And it will be compatible.

Are Shimano 11 and 12-speed compatibility?

The 12-speed cassettes will work on any existing 11-speed Shimano-compatible wheel or smart trainer. Unlike past groups with short- and long-cage options, there is just a single Dura-Ace derailleur and a single Ultegra derailleur.

Are Shimano 10 and 11 speed compatibility?

A 10-speed Shimano or SRAM cassette can still be fitted to an 11-speed body, but a spacer will be required to make up for the difference in width. There is another, more subtle, incompatibility that affects different brands of hubs and wheels, but it will only have an impact on those riders using multiple wheelsets.