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Rear derailleur got caught in the spokes, what could be a root cause

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Asked by: Dan Aukuso

What causes a derailleur to snap?

Some common reasons for it breaking are: Hitting an obstacle (e.g. tree branch) Going into the spokes (badly set low limit screw or the derailleur was wobbling enough for some reason to get caught in the spokes) Chain too short.

How do I know if my derailleur is damaged?

Quote from video: The key is to look at the rear derailleur we can see it's bent slightly inward. And also look at the guide pulley which doesn't seem to line up with the chain or cog above.

What causes broken spokes?

Spoke breakage can be caused by a number different things – everything from rocks/sticks to incorrect tension, corroded nipples, or faulty spokes. It’s not uncommon for a single spoke failing to lead to failures of additional spokes, due to the increased tension put on the remaining spokes when a single one breaks.

What happens if derailleur hanger is bent?

What happens when a derailleur hanger is bent? A perfectly straight derailleur hanger should always be at a right angle to the rear axle when observed from the rear of the bike. When a derailleur hanger is bent it is said to be “out of alignment”. A misaligned hanger results in poor shifting.

Can a rear derailleur be fixed?

Some problems can be repaired trailside while others require parts and tools most riders don’t commonly carry. Your bike’s drivetrain is really a simple system, and if you know what to look for, you can easily repair your derailleur yourself.

Why do I keep breaking my derailleur?

If your chain is too long, and you are in the ‘small-small’ combination, it is possible for the derailleur to sort of fold up on itself. Flip your bike over and put it in the smallest gear up front and the smallest gear in the rear and make sure the chain isn’t rubbing on the derailleur.

How much does it cost to fix a derailleur?

There can be a range of prices for replacement derailleurs, starting around $20 and going all the way up to $700.

How long do rear derailleurs last?

Good quality rear derailleur can last between 3 to 5 years, when unbranded or low-quality ones can last for 2 years, no matter what the durability of the rear derailleur the jockey wheel will wear after time and it can be replaced very cheaply with new ones, on the other hand, front derailleur can last almost

How do I know if I need a new rear derailleur?

If there’s play, get a new one. Also, drip some Tri-Flow or something into all the pivots. If it’s really dirty and sticky, it’ll have a harder time with the shift you describe. If with clean, lubricated pivots the derailleur still won’t move well, you probably need a new one.

Where do spokes usually break?

Most decent spokes break, when they break, at the bend where they go into the hub. A less obvious bend, only now and then but often enough to mention, is where it exits the spoke nipple. Sometimes the nipple doesn’t seat well, and you get a bend there.

Why do I keep breaking spokes on rear wheel?

Bike spokes break most commonly due to wear and tear. A high-frequent cause for spoke breaks is that the rider has hit a curb or pothole, doesn’t maintain the bike well, or the passenger is too heavy for that model. Rougher terrain will also deteriorate the rims faster, which in turn deteriorates the spokes faster.

Can I ride with a missing spoke?

You can technically ride with a broken/missing spoke, but it is not ideal. The missing spoke is going to put pressure on the others, and it will cause bigger problems if you don’t replace it.

Can you ride with a broken derailleur?

A broken derailleur cable can occur without warning, leaving you with two options: Walk home or ride back in the hardest gear. However, there is a third, more desirable, option.

How do you check rear derailleur alignment?

Quote from video: It's a very very simple principle. We must so bear in mind that it's easier to bend the hanger vertically. Then it is horizontally.

How do I fix the rear derailleur on my bike?

Quote from video: It's likely being stopped either by the limit screw or the shift position first turn the H limit screw counterclockwise a few turns pedal.

How do you fix a derailleur?

Quote from video: Pull the chain out and you're ready to remove the old derailleur. Most railers are fastened on with a hex bolt. So you'll need your allen keys for this most of the time you can reuse your shift cable.

How do you fix a bent derailleur?

Quote from video: It's not always so obvious when it's straight but what you can do. If you really had to is pop an adjustable spanner onto. The hanger like that and from the back of the bike.

How do you fix gears on a bike that won’t shift?

Quote from video: You might need to actually detach. The cable from the derailleur all together to allow the case to move over and then reattach and readjust the cable at that.

How do I protect my derailleur?

Quote from video: Cog then wrap the derailleur. And padding secure the padding with zip ties or tape to make sure it doesn't slip and expose your derailleur in transit.

Should I remove spoke protector?

Quote from video: And a custom wrench. And then go opposite direction and there you go unscrew it lay it off. Now if you do lose track of this. There is going to be. It's like a puzzle so if you look on the inside.

Is rear derailleur guard necessary?

During a serious collision, the guard is very likely to bend and hit or compress the derailleur. Consequently, derailleur hangers are needed even when the bike has a derailleur guard because they further minimize the negative consequences of a crash.