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Problems with a slipping seatpost

5 min read

Asked by: Luis Marcellus

The main reason for a slipping seatpost is too little friction between the seatpost and seat tube. The first cause is a clamp that isn’t tightened enough. Because of the load on the seat post while cycling, it slowly slips down. This is a very common issue!

How do you fix a moving seat post?

Quote from video: The of this going up and down is those little nylon pads wear down as they wear down they get looser. And then that allows the little wiggle of the saddle.

How tight should your seat post be?

Senior Retro Guru. If you have the right size post you should not have to crank down the clamp to stop it from slipping – a correctly fitted post will slide smoothly into a greased seat tube with very little effort and should stay put with only a firmly tightened QR.

How do you fix a bike seat that won’t stay up?

Quote from video: And as you tighten the seat clamp these will help to to grip the post inside the frame. So be much less likely to slip. He also helps prevent it from seizing inside the frame.

Why does my bike seat keep moving?

Seat Sliding Backward or Forward

This is caused by the saddle rails not having a tight enough fit on the seat post clamp. The first thing to do here is to check for dirt and debris. Remove your saddle and take apart your seat post clamp. You’ll want to check both the saddle rails and the seat post clamps.

Should you grease your seatpost?

Greasing your seatpost will prevent problems like this: “Removing Seat Post rusted into downtube”. Don’t use chain oil, grease is what you want. As whatsisname pointed out, all fasteners on your bike should be lightly greased. This is what keeps them from corroding and seizing over time, becoming a real pain to remove.

Where do you put carbon paste on a seatpost?

Quote from video: So you might have to take off half of what you put on and then go ahead and slide it in tighten it up that should take care of any slippage. And that's good for anywhere on the carbon.

How do seatpost shims work?

Quote from video: With this little shim typically you'd slide it over the seat post and then just slide that into your frame. And clamp it just under the seat clamp roughly something like that.

How do you adjust a seat post?

Quote from video: It's important to use that torque wrench when you're tightening the clamp. Once you've loosened the clamp you can raise or lower the seat post as. You stand next to your bike.

How do I keep my bike seat from sliding forward?

Quote from video: So first thing to do is just change the angle of the saddle. And make sure that the saddle is flat.

How do you grease a seatpost?

Quote from video: So i recently heard from an expert that vaseline is perfectly fine to use to leave you drop a post i've been using it for the past few months now and it's actually been working really well.

How often should I grease my seatpost?

Once the seat post to seat tube has been lubed, so long as the post hasn’t been moved a lot, there truly is no need to lube for a very very long time (many years). Carbon fiber forms a natural galvanic reaction with aluminum but carbon tubes will have an epoxy layer keeping the carbon from the seatpost.

Should I grease my seatpost clamp?

Quote from video: If you're going to use. On a steel alloy titanium put a little bit of grease on the inside of the seat post clamp prior to installation when dealing with the quick release.

Do you need carbon paste for seat post?

How To Fix Slipping Seatpost In 4 Simple Steps. Tutorial.

How do you tighten a seat post clamp?

Quote from video: So make sure you use the micro adjustment to adjust it just right for your seat post and it. Doesn't have to be extremely firm. Just from a nap so that you can sit on the seat post.

How do I stop my alloy seatpost from slipping?

Quote from video: Put some finish line fiber grip. You can also get some stuff made by tacks. It's basically carbon fiber bonding material which will help prevent that slippage.

How do you change a seat post clamp?

Quote from video: Start by loosening the clamp and raising the seat post as much as possible. You may need to feed excess cable into the frame in order to fully remove the dropper. Post.

How does a seatpost clamp work?

The seat post clamp goes around the top of the tube. When the clamp bolt is tightened, the frame material flexes slightly (the slot allows this flex to occur) and tightens against the seat post. This, of course, is what holds your post in place.

How much torque does a seat clamp need?

Using your frame and/or seatpost torque specs as a guide, use a 4mm hex torque wrench to set the torque. Never exceed 6 Nm, and if you are using a carbon seatpost or a dropper post, you may have to set it at a much lower measurement to prevent any crushing or binding of materials.