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No more chainguide from Sram?

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Asked by: Stephen Stamper

Do you need a Chainguide?

Why You Should Run a Chain Guide. Mounting a chain guide on your mountain bike gives you an extra sense of security, hopefully ensuring that you won’t ever drop your chain. When you are flying through rough sections of trail, the chain will jump up and down and can sometimes work its way off the chainring.

Do you need a chain guide for 1×10 narrow wide?

Registered. You don’t need a chain guide because it’s a hardtail. The N/W chainring and clutch RD should do the trick.

What is a Chainguide?

Chain guides are typically used in conjunction with a bash guard, an alloy or polycarbonate plate that is fitted to the chainset in place of the largest chainring and which prevents rocks, logs and other trail or racetrack obstacles from damaging chainrings.

Do narrow wide chainrings need special chain?

Before narrow wide chainrings, it was always necessary to mount a chainguide to prevent the chain from dropping. Now when using a narrow wide chainring, you don’t need to use a chainguide at all. This keeps thing nice and simple!

Can you use a front derailleur as a chain guide?

Enthusiast. Sure, you can run a derailleur as a guide.

Is a chain guard necessary on a motorcycle?

The seven main reasons why a chain guard would be necessary on every motorcycles are as follows: Keeps the chain away from your leg if the chain breaks accidentally. Helps prevent damage to your bike in case the chain snaps. Protects your clothing and luggage from the chain.

How do you stop a chain slap on a mountain bike?

Quote from video: Number two I like to use a chain stay protector. Right on here I have a lizard skin one picked it up for like $10.

Do chain guides work with oval chainrings?

Absoluteblack Oval Guide™ is the Only chain guide on the market that is designed specifically for Oval chainrings. Extremely light and versatile, the Oval Guide™ chain guide secures the chain movement at every single crank position. The Oval Guide™ is also the lightest product of its kind on the market.

What is the purpose of Bashguard?

Bash guards are used on gravity and trail bikes to prevent rocks, logs and other trail or racetrack obstacles from damaging chainrings. They usually consist of circular discs attached to the chainset in place of the large chainring, and are built of tough aluminium or polycarbonate that can absorb impacts.

Do I need a chain guide on dirt bike?

Most dirt bikes and dual sports have a chainguide. I’ve noticed that some adventure bikes don’t have anything, or just a fin like the Africa Twin. I’d think anything that goes off-road with longish suspension travel would have a chain guide.

What MTB chain should I buy?

Best chains for mountain bike, gravel and road

  • SRAM X01 Eagle. One of the best 12-speed chains available. …
  • SRAM AXS Force. Visually striking chain with an outstanding record for durability. …
  • YBN SLA Gold. …
  • Wippermann Connex 11SX. …
  • Shimano M7100 SLX. …
  • SRAM AXS Red. …
  • Shimano 6800 Ultegra. …
  • Shimano M9100 XTR.

Can I use a Shimano front derailleur with SRAM shifters?

Yes, you can mix Shimano and SRAM front derailleurs and shifters. It’s the rear derailleur that is not cross compatible, with the exception that SRAM has made ‘Attack’ shifters that will work with the Shimano rear derailleurs.

What is E type front derailleur?

E-type (aka low direct mount, E2-type and S3) front derailleurs have two holes (22.1mm) side by side – Shimano options allow some angle and height adjustment, where SRAM options are more fixed and need to be matched to the chainring size. David Rome / Immediate Media.

How do you make a chain guide?

Quote from video: The supplies that you're going to need for this diy a bike reflector a multi-tool four tie wraps side cutters or scissors. And an old inner tube. First thing you want to do is take off the reflector.

How do you put chain on narrow wide chainring?

Quote from video: You will need a soft faced mallet cable cutters a tool to hold the female part of the chain ring bolt a flat bladed screwdriver tool for the preload cap on a Shimano crank.

Can you shift a narrow wide chainring?

Shift by hand with no derailleur will work. @mattnz indeed, shifting to a narrow-wide ring would require impossibly-extremely-super-precise timing to catch on a proper type of a tooth.

What is a narrow bike chain?

Narrow/Wide is a new way of creating chain rings and sprockets, it implies that the teeth engaging between the chain’s outer plates are generally thicker.

Do all chains fit all chainrings?

Are they interchangeable? Largely speaking, yes. As long as your attempting to replace them with a chainring(s) designed to work with your chainset. Your cranks will have a specific bolt layout or fitment spec so you can’t just fit a BMX chainring to your triathlon bike.

Do KMC chains work with SRAM?

One of the main advantages of KMC chains is that they are compatible with Sram, Campagnolo, and Shimano drivetrains.

Can I use a Shimano chain on a SRAM chainring?

Shimano and SRAM 11-speed chains are cross-compatible. If you have a Shimano 11-speed drivetrain, a SRAM chain will work fine and vice versa, however manufacturer’s recommend pairing your components for optimal performance.