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New bike hubs way over-tightened?

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Asked by: Angela Pink

Can you over tighten a hub?

No. Over tightening won’t put more of a strain on the bearings in this sort of design. You should’ve torqued those nuts down quite a bit.

How tight should bike hubs be?

It doesn’t need to be very tight – finger-tight will do. You can then spin the axle to make sure it rotates cleanly. Give the axle a little wiggle to ensure you have eliminated any play. You may need to adjust the tightness of the cone to stop any play or drag – if it’s too tight the hub will not spin freely.

How do I know if my rear hub is too tight?

Registered. It’s the outside nuts that end up contacting the frame, must be the locknut on the drive side?. If those get too tight, the wheel doesn’t spin. If they are too loose, the wheel wobbles.

How tight should hub cone?

For quick-release type hubs, snug the cone down until it contacts the ball bearings, and turn back counter-clockwise one quarter turn (90 degrees). This will purposely make the bearing adjustment too loose. Hold cone with cone wrench and tighten locknut fully.

What happens if you over tighten the wheel hub assembly?

“Excessive preload will cause excessive friction and the bearing will run hot, compromising lubrication and eventually leading to flaking (material coming off) at the large end of the rollers/races,” he says.

What happens if you over tighten wheel bearing?

Over-tightening can damage the lug nuts, wheels and hubs – and worse, result in a wheel-off situation.

How tight should a freehub be?

You can use a spanner or plumber pliers to turn it clockwise and stop tightening it after hearing 4 or 5 clicks. It just needs to be tight enough to hold your cassette and prevent it from coming loose.

Can you over tighten quick release?

you cant overdo it. You definitely can over do it and it can potentially cause damage to the qr lever if you do. The cheaper open cam skewers can be nearly impossible to over tighten, or even get tight enough unless you lubricate the interface between the lever cam and the concave washer though.

Why does my rear wheel not spin freely?

It might be that the hub is seized up from rust. You can check if it is the brake or not by loosening the caliper and spinning the wheel. If it spins freely it is the brake not the hub. If it is the hub you might need to get it regreased.

How tight do you tighten wheel bearings?

Quote from video: While finger tight with a good finger tight. So about 5h pounds of torque.

How do you know if your hub is bent?

Over the years, I’ve found some of the most common symptoms to be:

  1. Growling/humming noise. The most common sign of a faulty wheel hub assembly is a rotational growling or humming noise while driving. …
  2. Vibration while driving. …
  3. Pulsation when braking. …
  4. Abnormal tire wear. …
  5. Illuminated warning lights.

How long does a wheel hub last?

about 100,000 miles

The wheel hub assemblies on a car are intended to last for about 100,000 miles. While this can happen, there are usually things that will happen before this milestone hits that will compromise the assemblies and the way they function.

Can you over tighten wheel nuts?

If the wheel nuts are too tight, they can cause severe problems such as stripping the fastener threads or stretching the wheel studs. They could also warp the brake drums, brake discs or wheel hubs. With loose nuts, meanwhile, there’s a small risk that the wheel could come off while you’re on the road.

Are wheel hubs supposed to be loose?

A loose hub is not good for the longevity of your hub / wheel because it means the bearings are not optimally positioned and that inaccuracy can cause misaligned wear, it is also potentially a cycling hazard as your wheel doesn’t track as well. It’s good practice to periodically check and address as needed.

Should there be any play in a wheel bearing?

Quote from video: Похожие запросы

How tight do you tighten front wheel bearings?

Quote from video: While finger tight with a good finger tight. So about 5h pounds of torque.

How do you tighten a hub?

Quote from video: Screw the cone in or out to tighten or loosen the bearing on the freehub. Make small adjustments and check the bearing between.

How do you tighten a wheel hub?

Use one hand to turn the wheel slowly in its normal forward direction of travel, and tighten the hub nut to the correct torque with the other. Turn the wheel slowly while you tighten. Lower to tighten finally.

How do you tighten an axle hub?

Quote from video: Then you just put the thru axle back. Into the frame. And then locate the threads and screw it in now if you if you are struggling to locate the threads on the far side of the hub.

What happens if you over tighten thru axle?

Keeping the axle under-torqued is dangerous, and over-torquing it might damage the fork/frame dropouts. A proper solution would be to adjust the position of the brake caliper itself relative to the disc.

How do you tighten Shimano hubs?

Quote from video: Tighten. Down the lock nut by hand onto the cone. If done right the axle will feel a little rough at this point. Now use your cone wrench to tighten the cone against the lock nut. It should be tight.