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Need Help Identifying Compatible Crankset(s_)For This Spindle

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Asked by: Jahed Bautista

How do I know if my crankset is compatible?

In most cases three-and two-piece cranksets are compatible with the same bottom brackets so long as the axle is the same diameter. They are commonly used in conjunction with the mid-style bottom bracket standard. One-piece: This is where the axle and crank arms are a single piece of steel.

How do I know what crankset I have?

Print. Shimano cranks are all identified with model information above or surrounding the area on the backside of the pedal threads. For example; FC-6700/6750 = Shimano Ultegra. The crank length is often located in the same area, which is helpful to note before placing an order.

How do you measure crank spindle?

Quote from video: So it's at its maximum width and then you come in here and just measure it and you're going to measure from the base. All the way to the tip of the splines. Okay easy enough right.

Are all Shimano cranks 24mm?

For cranks, Shimano has always stuck to 24mm axles. SRAM produces 30mm and 24mm (called GXP) versions of their cranks, and most smaller brands focused on ultimate performance (THM for example but also RaceFace) only produce 30mm cranks.

What bottom bracket spindle do I need?

The best way to find out which spindle length you need is by looking up the specs. (The alternative is trial and error…) Spindle length and the resulting chainline have some leeway. If you are within 2-3 mm of the “correct” 43.5 mm or 45 mm, you are doing quite well.

What is crank spindle size?

Spindle size:

The majority of crank spindles come in either a 24mm or 30mm diameter.

What do crankset numbers mean?

The numbers on the chainrings simply refer to the number of teeth on each chainring. A standard road bike crankset will have the 53 and 39 tooth rings (obviously the 53 tooth ring is the large one and the 39 tooth one is the small one), while a compact crankset typically has 50 and 34 tooth rings.

Does bottom bracket spindle length matter?

The critical thing is your spindle length: as long as you can set up the correct chainline you will be good to go. But, again, best never to mix standards if you can at all avoid it. If you are looking to replace a cottered crank setup with a square taper setup, then look no further than a cartridge bottom bracket.

How do I know which bottom bracket I need?

To find out the size of bottom bracket needed, measure the inside of the bottom bracket shell in your frame, it will be 73mm, 70mm or 68mm. Some older frames may have Italian threaded bottom brackets, instead of the more modern English.

Is BB92 the same as PF92?

The frame’s bottom bracket shell inner diameter is 37mm. A bearing with an OD of 37mm is pressed directly into the frame. Trek is moving away from the BB90/95 system to what they call PF92, which is the same as a BB92 (41mm ID shell and 92mm width).

How do you measure a bottom bracket spindle?

Quote from video: Part of the bottom bracket. So you get a caliper on it. And you measure it and then you take a look in this case it's 73. So well the most common sizes are 68 and 73.

What is bottom bracket spindle length?

BMX 3-Piece bottom brackets typically use a spindle either 19(. 05)mm (3/4″) or 22 mm in diameter. In some cases, these are splined and the number of splines depends on the manufacturer/model of the crankset, or in other cases, the spindle is specific to the crankset.

What cranks will fit my bike?

The three most common crank lengths for bicycles are 170mm, 172.5mm and 175mm. What size your bike has will likely depend on what size the frame is. Small bikes tend to come with 170mm cranks, medium with 172.5mm and large with 175mm.

What is the difference between BB30 and BSA?

BSA is English standard and have screw thread inside the hole ,usually use in shimano,while BB30 is Italian standard and don’t have screw thread, usually use in CP.

What is BB30 crankset?

Quote from video: Похожие запросы

Can you mix and match crank arms?

Back to your question, if you stick to the same type of arm and interface (like road or mountain bike), you can generally mix and match between the left and right sides. So you might have a 105 power crank arm matched with an Ultegra crank arm. Just make sure to match crank arm length and you are set. That’s the idea!

How do I know what size crankset to buy?

How to measure crank length? Crank length is measured from the centre of the bottom bracket axle to the centre of the pedal axle. If you’re not sure what length the cranks on your bike are, the quickest way of finding out is typically to just look at the backside of your cranks, just below the pedal axle.

Are crank arms interchangeable?

No, cranks are not generally always interchangeable, but you probably can transplant the crank from the broken bike. First, do both bikes have 6, 7 or 8 sprockets in the rear cluster? If so, they use the same chain width and the spacing between the chainrings will be the same.

What cranks are compatible with Shimano?

In the case of Shimano, 110mm or 104mm is often used for so-called compact cranks (50T outer diameter), while 130mm is used for 53T outer diameter.

Do all cranksets fit all bottom bracket?

In general terms, most cranksets can be fitted to a variety of bottom bracket shells, though much of this compatibility depends upon the availability of suitable hardware (see next section). Any incompatibilities that do arise are often related to the length and/or diameter of the crank axle.

Is BB92 the same as PF92?

The frame’s bottom bracket shell inner diameter is 37mm. A bearing with an OD of 37mm is pressed directly into the frame. Trek is moving away from the BB90/95 system to what they call PF92, which is the same as a BB92 (41mm ID shell and 92mm width).