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Name for an exercise on chin-up bar with body rotation?

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Asked by: Kevin Chenier

What is a pull-up over the bar called?

The term chin-up, traditionally referring to a pull-up with the chin brought over the top of a bar, was used in the 1980s to refer to a pronated, or overhand, grip, with a supinated, or underhand, grip being called a “reverse-grip” chin-up.

What are horizontal pull-ups called?

inverted rows

Horizontal pull-ups, also known as inverted rows, are great for your back — But only if done correctly. They help strengthen shoulder blade retraction or that movement that happens when you try to pull your shoulder blades together. Equipment may include: Barbell.

What is a CrossFit pull-up called?

So the standard that goes for the pulp is basically that your shoulders. And your elbows are. Completely open at the bottom and that your chin finishes. Higher at some point in the movement.

What are the different types of pull-ups called?

The Best Pullup and Chinup Variations

  • Hockey Grip Pullup.
  • Wide-Grip Pullup.
  • Lateral Slide Pullup.
  • Plyo Pullup.
  • Towel Pullup.
  • Mixed-Grip Pullup.
  • Close Grip Chinup.
  • L-Pull.

What is a PLYO pull-up?

Contract your core. And lats. And explosively pull your chest to the bar. Then let go of the bar to hoist your body up higher catch the bar on the way back down.

What is the difference between a pull-up and a chin-up?

Pullups and chinups are both excellent exercises to build upper-body strength and muscle. Both exercises involve pulling your body up from a suspended horizontal pullup bar. The pullup uses a pronated grip with your palms facing away, while the chinup uses a supinated grip with your palms facing toward you.

What is an inverted pull-up?

Lie on your back under the bar. Reach up and grip the bar with an overhand grip with both hands. Keeping your body straight, pull yourself up towards the bar by pulling your elbows as far back as you can and trying to touch the bar with your chest. Hold and squeeze your arm and back muscles.

Which pull-up variation is best?

The chin-up is probably the most friendly pull-up exercise variant, and that’s because it’s the least similar. The reversed grip changes the game completely and means that your biceps are doing pretty much everything.

What does each type of pull-up work?

The Chin-Up more effectively targets the biceps brachii, while the Pull-Up more effectively targets the lower trapezius and latissimus dorsi. Weller says, “The Chin-Up allows for better biceps recruitment, but shifts some emphasis away from the upper back.”

How many types of chin-ups are there?

The word “chin-up” is often used interchangeably with the word “pull-up,” but most experts use the different names to refer to two different lifts. The chin-up is done with an underhand grip, as shown above, whereas the pull-up is done with an overhand grip.

What is the hardest pull-up to do?

An overhand grip pull-up is the hardest to do, because it places more of the workload on your lats. The wider your grip, the less help your lats get from other muscles, making a rep harder.