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Is worm juice good for plants?

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Asked by: Allyson Clark

It’s the Best Fertiliser you can use (Natural or Otherwise), and it’s free. Worm Juice, also known as ‘liquid gold’, is a magical elixir that provides billions of good microbes such as fungi, and helpful, nitrogen-fixing bacteria to your plants and veggies.

Is worm juice good for all plants?

There’s no doubt worm juice makes an excellent plant fertilizer. It is also a natural insect repellent and improves soil health. Worm wee is far superior to chemical fertilizers. Chemical fertilizers contain pesticides and herbicides, burn the soil and kill beneficial microbes.

How often should you use worm juice?

Water your plants with worm tea every two weeks, or once a week for fruits and vegetables. Choose your delivery method. A watering can or spray bottle are acceptable options.

How do you dilute worm juice for plants?

When using worm juice, it’s best to dilute it at least ten parts water to one part worm juice so that it spreads further and has greater effect.

Can you use worm leachate on plants?

Use worm leachate on non edible plants like flowers, trees, and bushes. Your plants will still benefit from the worm leachate but you won’t have the risk of eventually eating any harmful pathogens. Dilute your worm bin leachate with water. I use the ratio: one part worm leachate to two parts water.

Is worm juice good for tomato plants?

It Makes Your Veggies Grow Huge

That’s because worm juice is a liquid supplement for plants. Similarly, by introducing a higher count of good bacteria to your plant’s soil, beneficial microbial activity is immediately kickstarted.

How long is worm juice good for?

Worm wee tea is wonderful for the garden, however it does have a shelf life of two to three months at most especially over the warmer months. To store it, keep it in a dark, cool area, this prevents UV from breaking down the components.

Why does my worm tea smell?

You want to have the proper ratio of compost to water. Too much water and the tea is diluted and will not be as viable. Likewise, too much compost and the excess of nutrients will foster bacteria, leading to oxygen depletions, anaerobic conditions, and smelly compost tea.

What is the difference between worm juice and worm tea?

A. Gardeners have used worm juice (tea) on their gardens diluted at a 1-10 ratio for years with great success. Leachate and worm juice tea are not the same thing. Worm tea is a light amber liquid that comes from the worm farm, it is aerobic and has been through the gut of healthy worms.

Does worm tea expire?

Worm Tea doesn’t technically expire, but it is best to use it while it’s fresh for the most microbes and the highest quality nutrients.

Should you dilute worm tea?

Applying a worm casting tea is easy. Dilute it in a 1:3 tea to water ratio and water your plants with it. Use it right away, though, as it will go bad if left longer than 48 hours. To make steeping a little neater, you can make a tea bag for your casting using an old tee shirt or stocking.

Can I drink worm tea?

It’s the second-most consumed beverage in the entire world, beaten only by water. While tea can be enjoyed both hot and cold, hot tea has a reputation for being particularly comforting. True ‘tea’ comes from the Camellia sinensis plant, and there are many regional varieties of the species across the globe.