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Is upright row bad for the shoulder?

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Asked by: Kimberly Chapman

The problem with upright rows The main issue with upright rows is the risk of shoulder impingement. Generally, shoulder impingement occurs when you internally rotate the shoulder (roll the upper arm forward slightly) and then lift it out to the side.

Are rows bad for rotator cuff?

The quick answer is that rowing exercises are typically good for the shoulder because they increase strength around the shoulder blade, which helps stabilize the shoulder. It is important to keep the elbows down near your side when performing rows to avoid pinching the rotator cuff.

Which is better shoulder press or upright row?

But when it comes down to it, the shoulder press has to be the winner. The compound nature of the exercise means that it hits the entire deltoid group. It’s also far safer, as long as the movement remains in front of the body rather than behind the neck.

Is upright row with dumbbell bad for you?

Upright Rows are typically the most problematic variation because your hands are locked into position, which is more likely to cause a shoulder problem. Using dumbbells or kettlebells can alleviate this problem, because your hands are free to move, but the exercise still isn’t an ideal motion for shoulder health.

Why you shouldn’t do upright rows?

The main issue with upright rows is the risk of shoulder impingement. Generally, shoulder impingement occurs when you internally rotate the shoulder (roll the upper arm forward slightly) and then lift it out to the side.

What are the worst exercises for rotator cuff?

Some of the exercises that people should stay away from include:

  • Throwing a ball in an overhead fashion, particularly heavy balls.
  • Avoid swimming, in particular, the strokes that involve an overhand motion.
  • Lifting weights that place stress on the shoulder and rotator cuff.

Are upright rows better than shrugs?

In contrast, the advantage of doing upright rows is that your traps and deltoids are both primary movers in the single compound move. Rows also activate all the muscles in your shoulders and upper back. If you don’t have much time, you can work that whole region of your body with at one time with rows.

Which is better upright rows or lateral raises?

Use upright rows to get a solid blend of lateral deltoid and trap development, while lifting the most weight. Use lateral raises if you’d prefer to target your lateral delts almost exclusively, as they’re much more of an isolation exercise. Neither the upright row or lateral raise is inherently better than the other.

Do upright rows work delts?

The upright row requires much more elevation in the shoulder blades as the bar is drawn up towards the chin, and it therefore works the upper traps, rhomboids, and biceps as well as the side and front delts, making it a great compound movement for the upper body.

What exercises can I do for shoulder impingement?

Exercises for Shoulder Impingement Syndrome

  • Scapula Squeeze. Stand with arms at your side and try to squeeze your shoulder blades together. …
  • Scapula Push and Pull. …
  • Chest Stretch. …
  • Front Shoulder Stretch. …
  • Back Shoulder Stretch. …
  • Lying External Rotation. …
  • Internal Rotation with Resistance Band.

What is the best shoulder exercise?

Best Shoulder Exercises

  • Barbell Overhead Press.
  • Half-Kneeling Landmine Press.
  • Arnold Press.
  • Push Press.
  • Bottoms-Up Kettlebell Press.
  • Wide-Grip Seated Row.
  • Leaning Lateral Raise.
  • Incline Y Raise.

What can replace upright rows?

The 8 best upright row alternatives are:

  • Barbell High Pull.
  • Seated Muscle Snatch.
  • Single Arm Dumbbell Power Snatch.
  • Dumbbell Lateral Raise.
  • Band Lateral Raise.
  • Cable Face Pull.
  • Dumbbell YTW.
  • TRX YTW.

Why do seated rows hurt my shoulder?

Using a weight that’s too heavy can seriously hurt your back or shoulders. Talk to your doctor or physical therapist before attempting seated rows if you have a current or past back, shoulder, or arm injury. A personal trainer can show you safer alternatives to work the same muscles.

How do you fix shoulder impingement?

Treatments for impingement syndrome include rest, ice, over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications, steroid injections and physical therapy.

  1. Physical therapy is the most important treatment for shoulder impingement syndrome. …
  2. Ice should be applied to the shoulder for 20 minutes once or twice a day.

How do you stretch the top of your shoulders?

Bend the left arm at the elbow. Hook the left forearm under the right arm, supporting the right arm above the elbow. Use the left forearm to pull the right arm further in and across the body, stretching the back of the right shoulder. Hold this for 20 seconds, then repeat the stretch on the other side.

How do you do Pendlay rows?

Up pulling the hips up back flat and then you're gonna explode. The way up to the chest bringing. Those elbows nice and high the bar is gonna hit just at the lower chest.

Should Pendlay rows be heavy?

For Pendlay rows, begin by using a weight that you can control for 2–4 sets of 6–10 repetitions. Choose a weight that allows you to maintain good technique throughout all sets and repetitions.

How heavy should a Pendlay row be?

Entire Community

Strength Level Weight
Novice 147 lb
Intermediate 200 lb
Advanced 260 lb
Elite 326 lb