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Is there a town under the Quabbin Reservoir?

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Asked by: Victoria Wilson

The small towns of Dana, Enfield, Greenwich and Prescott are lost under the Quabbin Reservoir. As the city of Boston grew in the early 1800’s they quickly ran into an increasing water shortage, so plans were put in place to flood the valley that would become the Quabbin Reservoir.

Where is the town of Dana?

Dana was a town located in Worcester County, Massachusetts. Dana was lost as a result of the formation of the Quabbin Reservoir.

Dana, Massachusetts
Settled 1676
Incorporated February 18, 1801
Disincorporated April 28, 1938
Time zone UTC-5 (Eastern)

What towns does Quabbin Reservoir supply?

Quabbin Reservoir and Ware River

Construction of the Quabbin required impoundment of the Swift River and the taking of the towns of Dana, Enfield, Greenwich, and Prescott.

How many towns are under the Quabbin?


However, the history of its construction is a much darker tale than you might expect. In order to build this massive reservoir, not one, but four thriving towns were drowned. The towns of Dana, Enfield, Greenwich and Prescott all met watery ends beneath the gentle waves of the Quabbin.

Was Dana Massachusetts a black town?

Office a school a church as well as a hotel and a number of homes and barns. The common also hosted the Civil War cannon as well as the town's war memorial that honored.

Are there any ghost towns in Massachusetts?

With Halloween just around the corner, now is the perfect time to explore Massachusetts’ abandoned towns. Massachusetts is home to some of the first settlements in the United States, so it’s no surprise that there are plenty of ghost towns in the state.

What does Quabbin mean in English?

The word Quabbin, formerly the name of a lake in Greenwich, comes from the name of a local, likely Nipmuc American Indian chief, Nani-Quaben, which means place of many waters or possibly well-watered place.

What does the word Quabbin mean?

Named for the Nipmuc Indian word meaning “meeting of many waters,” Quabbin is one of the largest man-made drinking water reservoirs in the United States.

Can you swim in Quabbin Reservoir?

Some activities, such as hiking, picnicking, birdwatching and shore and boat fishing are allowed. However, other user groups would like to recreate at the Quabbin, but cannot because of use restrictions. For example, swimming, off-road bicycling, canoeing, sailing and cross-country skiing are all prohibited.

What is the cleanest lake in Massachusetts?

When you’re looking for a beautiful, clean place to lay your beach towel, look no further than Joshua Pond, a sparkling pond on Cape Cod. Located in Osterville, Joshua Pond is the clearest pond in Massachusetts and you should make plans to swim at this pristine swimming hole this summer.