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Is Super Bowl Sunday trademarked?

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Asked by: Michelle Phillips

“Super Bowl” isn’t the only term that the NFL has trademarked. Other phrases like “Super Sunday,” “Gameday,” “Back to Football,” “1st and GOAL” are all protected. Same goes for the organization’s logo and team logos.

Is the term Super Bowl trademarked?

The NFL has held the “Super Bowl” trademark since 1969, according to U.S. Patent and Trademark Office records. Any companies that want to use the phrase will need to pay — and that can cost more than $50 million for a category like soft drinks, automotive, insurance or beer, according to Ponturo.

Is it illegal to use the word Super Bowl?

Simply put, the NFL views any commercial activity that uses or refers to the “Super Bowl” to draw attention as a violation of its trademark rights. Many of the activities challenged by the league undoubtedly deserve to be penalized.

Is the Super Bowl logo copyrighted?

Use of NFL Trademarks
The NFL controls all marketing rights to the conference championship games, the Super Bowl, and various associated trademarks.

Why can’t companies say Super Bowl?

Sure, if some business advertises some association or endorsement by the NFL, that would be trademark infringement. Or if they claimed endorsement of the game or the NFL, that too would be infringing use. But a church simply hosting a Super Bowl party is not trademark infringement.

Can my bar show the Super Bowl?

Part of the problem of airing something like the Super Bowl at your bar, restaurant, or even electronics store is that you have not paid the NFL for the license to display the Super Bowl and make a buck off it. The issue involves copyright laws.

Can I say Super Bowl on the radio?

TIL You can’t say “Superbowl” on the radio or tv and that’s why it’s always referred to as “The Big Game.” : r/todayilearned.

Who owns the rights to Super Bowl?

Originally alternated between the AFL’s broadcaster (then NBC) and the NFL’s broadcaster (then CBS), the game is now alternated between the three main broadcast television rightsholders of the NFL: CBS, Fox and NBC.

Is the term NFL trademarked?

“NFL,” “AFL,” and the names and nicknames of all NFL teams are also registered trademarks, owned by the NFL. In fact, even if the terms are not used, it could be considered a copyright violation if the game is broadcast on a screen larger than 55 diagonal inches, or requires payment by viewers.