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Is sterndrive the same as inboard?

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Asked by: Joshua Brunson

Sterndrives draw less when slightly tilted up. Sterndrives will go faster than an inboard with the same horsepower and even use less fuel. On the other hand, inboards will hold a speed more easily than a sterndrive. Sterndrive’s put out great wakes for wakeboarding; inboards create flat wakes for waterskiing.

Is sterndrive an inboard?

Sterndrive boats

A sterndrive is an arrangement that combines the elements of inboard and outboard systems. For this reason, sterndrives are also referred to as inboard/outboards. Sterndrives employ an inboard engine, often a marinized automotive engine, and drive the boat via a lower unit similar to outboard motors.

What is sterndrive on a boat?

Sterndrive engines, also known as inboard/outboards (I/O), are a combination of inboard and outboard engines, as their name suggests. In sterndrive engines, the motor is in the back of the boat under the transom. The drive unit is tucked beneath the swim deck.

Is a sterndrive inboard or outboard?

OK, you’ve picked out your new boat… now a crucial decision looms: the engine. There are two choices to power your craft: outboard or stern (inboard) drive. Outboards provide more room in the boat because they are installed on the transom, outside the boat. A sterndrive combines inboard power with outboard drive.

What is a MerCruiser sterndrive?

MerCruiser Sterndrive or Inboard-Outboard Engines (IOs)

A MerCruiser sterndrive is essentially a car or truck style engine mounted inside the boat, lower in the hull. The engine is then connected through the transom, or back of the boat, to an outdrive unit that hangs down below the boat’s bottom.

What does a stern drive look like on a boat?

So this boat has two Stern drives one port one start with as you can see and essentially they're connected through through this assembly here to the engines. Inside the boat.

What is the difference between sterndrive and V drive?

Ultimately, V-drive systems offer more space amidships than a conventional inboard and require less maintenance and service than sterndrive systems. While sterndrives are faster and more fuel-efficient, a V-drive can swing a bigger wheel, and you’re more likely to find a replacement prop when far from home.

Whats better outboard or stern drive?

Sterndrives cost more to maintain, but they offer more access to the rear of the boat. On the other hand, outboards are slightly cheaper to maintain. They also offer better economy due to being a lighter package, and have more space inside the boat.

Which is better inboard or outboard?

Inboard motors generally last longer than their outboard counterparts. You can squeeze roughly 1,500 hours out of an inboard before necessary maintenance. Outboards, on the other hand, last about 750 hours on average. So, the inboard option means less maintenance (nearly half) even though they cost more initially.

Are stern drives good in saltwater?

Not many people talk about that, but it just shows the technology in the sterndrive market.” Technology has also improved corrosion protection – especially in the saltwater environment – for sterndrives.

Can you leave a stern drive boat in the water?

Never leave the sterndrive trimmed up in the water for an extended period of time. In this position, marine growth on the stainless ram can damage the seals to the ram cylinder.

How long will a stern drive last?

between 10-15 years

It’s also common to expect between 10-15 years out of a well-used sterndrive and transom assembly, and then it’s a matter of continual repairs or replacing it once and for all. Sterndrives are a faster and more efficient design, as they are mounted to the rear and produce less drag.

Can you keep a stern drive in the water?

To keep water from entering the exhaust hub when storing your sterndrive, leave it in the “down” position or use a waterproof cover.

How do you winterize a sterndrive boat?

Here are the other key steps to winterizing a sterndrive.

  1. Drain Residual Water. First, run the engine on a flusher and get it up to operating temperature so that the thermostat opens. …
  2. Fill with Antifreeze Solution. …
  3. Drain/Replace Gear Lube. …
  4. Check the Prop Shaft. …
  5. Inspect Everything.

Should I Store boat with outdrive up or down?

Answer: If you store your sterndrive installed on your boat, you should keep it in the down position. Otherwise, the rubber bellows in the transom assembly can become permanently deformed and fail.