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Is mold OK in worm bin?

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Asked by: Jennifer Padilla

The molds that form on most vegetables are usually OK, but the molds on some fruit and bread can be problematic. If you’re in doubt, try a small amount first and see if the worms are bothered by it. If not, then it’s probably OK to use it, otherwise, you should put them into your backyard bin instead.

Will mold hurt my worms?

Mold and fungus actually help to break down the food that is placed in the bin with the worms, in turn becoming worm food themselves. The worst problem with white mold in the worm bin is the possibility of allergic humans inhaling the spores, but it will not hurt the worms.

Can I put moldy food in my worm bin?

Yes, you can! The composting process requires composition, so when you add moldy foods, you’re just adding in foods that are already decomposing. Worm and compost bins can have both moldy foods and fresh foods added and you will end up with great compost either way!

Is mold normal in worm bin?

You may occasionally notice patches of mold or sprouts in your worm bin. Molds and fungi are a natural part of the composting process, helping to break down the food waste.

Why does my worm farm has mould?

Overfeeding your worms

The worms will not be able to eat all of the waste produced by a household and if you fill your bin with composting then it will begin to mould and ferment before the worms get to it.

Can I use moldy compost?

Can You Put Moldy Food in Compost? It’s perfectly fine to put moldy food into most composting bins or piles. In fact, it can even be beneficial, as it introduces additional fungi that will travel to other ingredients in your compost and help break them down even faster or more efficiently.

Will worms eat rotting food?

Your worms will happily consume just about any decomposing food and other organic waste that you feed them. They are big eaters, and will be even more productive the smaller and more broken down the food waste is that you feed them.

Can I put moldy bread in my compost bin?

Stale, out-of-date bread is a good candidate for composting. Even better is moldy bread. The mold indicates that the process of decomposition has already begun, so adding it to the compost pile can speed up the composting process.

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