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Is KD the best player?

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Asked by: Karen Johnson

Kevin Durant tops LeBron James as NBA’s best player, according to former NBA stars. Brooklyn Nets superstar Kevin Durant is the best player in the NBA, according to a new poll of former players.

Is Durant the best player?

As of the end of the 2022 season, Kevin Durant can be considered the 12th greatest player of all time.

Who is better James or Durant?

LeBron James is heralded as one of the best passers in the NBA. James’ court vision is unmatched. He is able to get his teammates involved in the game far better than Kevin Durant. Just for stats’ sake, James averaged seven assists per contest, while Durant averaged three.

Is KD the best player in the NBA right now?

The Final List

Rank Player Previous Rank
1 Giannis Antetokounmpo 1
2 Kevin Durant 2
3 Stephen Curry 4
4 Nikola Jokic 5

Who is better Steph Curry or KD?

There is no shooter better than steph curry in the history of basketball here's a provocative. Question he wins in two weeks does he move ahead of kevin.

Can KD beat LeBron in a 1v1?

Take a look at the tweet below. Kevin Durant did not win a single 1v1 game against the King. Wow. This is a 7-foot sniper, a build many think to be virtually unbeatable in any kind of game, never mind a 1v1 setup.

Is KD better than LeBron all time?

Kevin Durant Declared Greater All-Time Than LeBron James Due to 1 Very Big Reason. The NBA community will wholeheartedly agree that LeBron James is among the greatest players to have played in the league. Now 37, the ‘King’ still continues his reign of dominance in the NBA.

Who is ranked higher all time Curry or KD?

ESPN – Our experts ranked Stephen Curry as No. 13 and Kevin Durant as No. 14 all-time. Who do you rank higher?

Who is the most accurate shooter in the NBA?

Steve Kerr

Steve Kerr is the most accurate 3-ball shooter in NBA history, but he took 1,599 3s in his career. He made 726. His average of 1.8 attempts per game ranks 491st among qualified shooters.

Is KD better than Larry Bird?

Looking at his stats he averaged 27 points per game 9.8 boards 6.8 assists on insane 51 40 and 89.9 splits during a five-year period larry bird was a 27-point 54-90 player that historically is insane.

Is Dwyane Wade better than Kevin Durant?

Durant has a scoring rate of 20.9 points per game and Wade is at 19.6 points per game. Now take note that Kevin Durant averaged 40 (39.5) minutes per game and Dwyane Wade 36 (36.3) per game. That’s a four minute advantage for Durant to amass more points than Wade.

Is Kevin Durant better than Kobe?

When it comes to stats, KD has more PPG, RPG, BPG compared to Kobe. He’s also obviously a better shooter. However, Kobe has the advantage in APG and SPG. Advantage: Kevin Durant.