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Is it safe to use a spacer that reaches above the steerer tube?

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Asked by: Danecia Murphy

Totally fine. If the stem was sitting well above the steerer you would be in trouble, but having a spacer with a big gap should be of no concern.

Can I put spacers above my stem?

You should always leave some length of the steering tube above the stem and put a spacer above the stem so that the entire stem clamp is clamped around a cylinder of constant diameter.

Do you need a spacer below the stem?

There is no reason to have any problem due to no spacers under the stem. I rode two different bikes that way over four seasons. You see pictures of pro bikes setup that way all the time. It is wise, but not absolutely necessary to have a 2.5-5mm spacer on top of the stem.

How much space should be between steerer tube and top cap?

It isn’t recommended to have more then 5mm of gap between the top of the stem and the top of the steerer tube. Step 4 – Install the headset top cap, turning the preload bolt clockwise to tighten the headset, compressing the parts together.

Does removing spacers increase reach?

In a simplistic way, the more spacers you use, the more you reduce the reach. The amount you’ll reduce it varies according to the headtube angle, which is usually different based on bike size. Smaller frames tend to have a slacker HA so the effect is bigger compared to larger frames.

What do stem spacers do?

Headset spacers sit on the fork’s steerer tube and help pre-load the headset bearings during adjustment. Generally, most bikes have 20 to 30mm of headset spacers that can be moved freely above or below the stem.

What length steerer tube do I need?

Your steerer tube needs to be long enough to account for your headtube length, plus the stack height of your headset, plust the height of your stem clamp, plus any spacers you plan on using, minus about 3mm. Putting spacers below the stem is optional.

What is stack height on a bike stem?

The stack height is the vertical space taken up by the headset. With a conventional threaded fork, the steerer tube is longer than the head tube by some amount.

What is axle to crown length?

Axle-to-Crown Length is the more common method of specifying fork length on modern bikes, measured in a direct line from the fork crown to the axle. For suspension bikes, this length can be either: “Unsagged” Axle-to-Crown of the full, uncompressed fork length.

What does a crown race do?

What Does it Do? The crown race is the central buffer between the bearing, fork, and headtube. It separates each of these essential front end components so that every piece can rotate independently as you steer the bike through corners.

Will 10mm shorter stem make a difference?

Even a 10mm change in stem length can make a huge difference,’ says Jez Loftus, bike fit specialist for Trek. ‘Also be aware no single adjustment is mutually exclusive.

How does stem height affect handling?

Stem length is one of a number of factors, along with head tube angle and fork rake, that affects a bike’s handling. Generally speaking, a shorter stem will result in faster handling, while a longer stem will result in slower, more predictable handling.

Does slamming stem increase reach?

Effect on reach would be basically negligible. Don’t slam a stem because it looks cool, slam a stem if you are able to use that position and want to benefit from the aero advantage a lower position offers.

Do I need spacers on my headset?

Put simply, headset spacers enable you to easily adjust the height of your handlebars, which is an essential element of bike fit for BMX, MTB and road riders. In the particular case of the latter (road cycling), the correct bar height is key for comfort and performance.

How does handlebar height affect handling?

When climbing with your handlebars too high, it is hard to hinge forward enough to keep the front wheel on the ground on steep climbs, even when you have slid your weight all the way forward on the saddle.

Are handlebar risers safe?

Do Handlebar Risers Affect Handling? Handlebars are designed to maintain the overall design of the bike in place while you ride. Therefore, bar risers do impact handling since their position directly influences the distribution of mass and the bike, however, it is not likely to see it.

Can bike handlebars be too high?

Your handlebars should be about 1 or 2 inches higher than your seat as too high can also cause problems. So it should be high enough that you can go downhill without stress, but still low enough that you can climb without leaning forward too much.